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Adding a bunch of fish at 1 time

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  • Adding a bunch of fish at 1 time

    Ok so my tank is a little over 1 year old doing full zeovit system everything is doing well. I find myself having to break down another tank and I will be adding a big load of fish (5 tangs, 1 angle, 2 clownfish, and a couple anthias) any ideas on a good way to this? My thoughts are to add a couple of bioblocks and some sort of bacteria to aid in the bio load. Anyone have any thoughts? Tank is a reefer 625xl 166G

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    The tank is more than 1 year old. If the tank is biologically stable, I don’t think there should be much problem. The additional idea is to control the feeding and adjust the skimmer to wet. It might be good to get Zeo CoralSnow Plus.


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      Hello Mike as Jacky has mention if the biology is solid things should work well however you need to keep in mind that additional fish will produce additional nutrients so if your system has not much reserve to process nutrients you might experience a increase this depend so the skimmer type, the size of the fish etc.