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    I started using Zeovit over 10 years ago and really came to appreciate it. I’m getting back into the hobby and it’s great to see the success this system now has. When I first started using it there were many critics on forums.

    I’ll be running a 110 gallon set up and want to start using dosing asap. I have a couple questions:

    I will be using Caribsea Liferock and Fritz Turbo to cycle the tank. How soon should I start Zeovit?

    Should I use cheto?

    what size reactor do I need?

    thanks in advance!

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    Welcome back to the hobby and to Jessie.

    Best kind of rock is live rock but they are not easy to get these days. It is important to use a material which does not leach harmful substances. I have not used the rocks you have mention however the product description sounds good so it should be a alternative. I would just expect that the cycle will take longer compared to live rock.

    I would recommend you to start the system if it does not contain animals already as described over here:

    Use the net water volume as a base of the dosing calculation. Use the total water volume and subtract ~ 20% for sand / rocks. Use a shallow sand bed with a grain size of 2 – 4 mm additional but no live sand.

    I would calculate the net water volume of your system to 90 US gallons so 0.85 liters ZeoVit should be used. You will need a reactor which does hold this volume.

    If you have any additional questions please let us know.