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  • Big problem. Help me

    Hello to all. i have a big problem with my tank, for the last 2 years i have always the same problems. or that the tank lasts 6 months max one year, after it crashes. the symptoms of the corals are always the same: burnt tips, animate it that become dark, gray does not defile and the fabric flakes off .. I state that I have always had dsb. lately my values ​​are not very stable.
    with dsb I didn't always have po4 at 0.18 and they didn't go down. so I decided to remove the dsb and start zeovit. my volume is 1200lt. I used the old rocks and the same water. po4 0.18 no3 10 2lt zeovit flow 500lt. some acropora are very dark and others very light, the lps are almost transparent. I believe there may be two problems; - sea water (always used sea water) which brought me a pathogen that devoured the good bacteria. - lack of nitrogen and organic. I can't figure out how to move to resume the situation. in my opinion there is a bacterial problem an imbalance. how can i fix? thank you all.

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    I don’t know if you have checked these items or tested them frequently to stay within NSW’s recommendations. Salinity, KH, Magnesium, Potassium, what is the value? Is it stable?

    I don’t know all the additions you have added, excessive nutrient supplementation, excessive nutrient levels, too many fish numbers, low-efficiency skimmers, decline in lighting, etc., are all possible reasons for the dark tissue of the coral.

    The fabric peels off, is it the whole coral or the bottom? Usually, the nutrition is reduced too quickly, and the tissue becomes loose. Some "external forces" and "Organic" methods are used improperly, such as bad activated carbon.

    Certain carbon brands are too aggressive, which may also cause coral TN and coral color to be pale and tip burning. What brand of activated carbon do you use?

    Regarding dsb, how deep is it, was the sand initially dry or wet?

    It is not recommended to remove dsb before starting to use the ZeoVit system, as this may affect biology.

    Can you answer these questions first? And fill in the details about your tank, it will be more clear
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      Hello Andrew, please provide some more information about your system:

      A picture of the sump and a full tank shot might also be helpful.

      Please also tell us something more about the rocks you have used and as Jacky has mention the carbon you use.

      If I understand your post correct you have issues with the system since the beginning also before starting ZeoVit ? Was the TN at coral tips there from the beginning ?



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        Hello Andrew.

        it would be very helpful if you could copy and paste the link G. Alexander has given given you so we can help you or suggest some ideas.

        pic of tank and corals would also help.


        in tank dsb or remote ?
        when ( near to ) removal of dsb
        when started zeovit

        I see you have been using sea water.
        and this has been a on going problem.

        do you check the salinity of the water you collect before using it.
        I tried using seawater when I started this addictive hobbie. But the sea water I collected was 1.014 sg
        and had to add reef salt before I used it to cycle the rock.
        I have known a couple of people try seawater with bad results.

        If you think it’s a pathogen in the collected seawater, have you tried running it through a UV filter before use.