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  • CB & FWS

    I have questions about CB & FWS I am dosing these 3ml. Each after my water change once a week, my question is would it be more beneficial to spread the dose out like 1ml 3x a week instead of does it matter

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    You can take CoralBooster and FlatwormStop at any time. Its dosage is related to the difference in nutritional level and dosage, and the effect is better if the nutrition is poor and a larger dosage at one time.

    It is recommended to follow the recommended dosage of 1ml/25 US gallons. In routine, there is no problem twice a week. If it is used for treatment/prevention, FWS can be used 3 times a week. Above, observe the effect of coral appearance and whether it is a problem with algae, and adjust it at any time.

    After I added these two products at night, about 5-10 minutes, I gave Zeo CV, coral extension PE crazy, it looked really good, it also made my KH consumption more.
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      Basically you can split the dosage also but from my experience most of the products work better if dosed once instead of smaller additions. If you like to you can give it a try to see if you get better results in this case.