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New tank coming need advice.

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  • New tank coming need advice.

    Hello, I have been out of reefing for 10 years. I recently decided to get back into it. I have a 120 gallon 48x24x24 tank on the way. I'm having trouble deciding on filtration. I will have softy's and lps. My questions are everything I read talks about sps and zeovit. Is it good for a softy lps tank? As for the sump are roller mats and skimmer the way to go or a refugium? And if zeovit is a good way to go any advice in starting and using would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading and have a awesome day.

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    Hello Luke and welcome to and back to reefing !

    The ZeoVit system which does contain the following components:

    ZeoVit (zeolite)
    Activated carbon

    Was created to reduce nutrients very effective in a biological way. This is very important for SPS corals however most other corals like LPS and Softcorals do enjoy this “natural like” environment also.

    Additional there are several other products available from korallenzucht to improve corals coloration, growth and health but most of them are used for SPS corals however there are some products which do also have a positive effect to LPS and Softcorals.

    Another alternative is managing nutrients in a different way and adding some of the products from korallenzucht to improve the biology and corals health / growth.

    To give you a idea how some corals you plan to keep look like in zeovit system, here are some examples:

    This document will give you a good overview for the products:

    A refugium is not necessary, also not a rollerfilter. A Sump containing the ZeoVit reactor, carbon bag, skimmer and return pump, optional filter socks is working very well. A rollerfilter can be used additional if you like to but basically it is not necessary.



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      Thank you for your reply. I will be ordering my zeo bit starter pack this week.