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Zevoit with and refugium

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  • Zevoit with and refugium

    Has anyone tried or ran the zevoit system with a refugium if so what was the out come and what was your method of doing so.

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    I have no experience in using refugium, they are nothing more than reduced nutrition and additional plankton cultivation, but basically, refugium is not necessary. The basis of the ZeoVit system is to reduce the nutritional product components so that's it

    Zeovit is a system that combines sources of bacteria to help remove excess nutrients from the system. Some people label it as the first widely known ultra-low nutrition system or ULNS. The idea is to simulate natural sea water (NSW) parameters by reducing the levels of nitrate and phosphate without reducing other basic parameters such as calcium and magnesium.

    For me, zeovit is a great system that allows me to adjust the colors to my liking. Considering that you might spend about the same amount trying to reduce nutrition in other ways, the cost is negligible. The system is also a very easy to maintain system, as long as you pay attention to what your tank tells you

    However, I did not pay much attention to this plankton. I just used the appearance of coral as a "micro-adjustment" method. The appearance of coral is a good reference indicator. Then, I think, the zeolite material is released. The mud is the best food source for corals. It is not only the best food for corals, it also has no extra nutrients, it even makes the coral tissues lightened to show a dazzling appearance.

    It is also recommended to use fresh and high-quality live rock, which can speed up the circulation process and preserve plankton (not the first consideration)
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      Welcome to !

      Can you please tell us something more about your refugium, especially what it does contain and also some more information about the actual nutrient situation in your system ?

      Basically as Jacky has mention a refugium is not necessary and can cause issues to keep nutrient concentrations stabile low. If you are able to control nutrients with your refugium you can alternatively use some of the korallenzucht supplements to improve the biology and coral coloration however the effect will be lower without the ZeoVit material.

      Another alternative is to remove the refugium and replace it with complete system.