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Running ZEOvit system with Polyp Labs Reef Safe Medic --Ich Control

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  • Running ZEOvit system with Polyp Labs Reef Safe Medic --Ich Control

    Question, I'm currently fighting an ich outbreak and am using Polyp Lab Reef Safe Medic. Medic allows the skimmer to run, but does not allow carbon. I'm currently running the Zeovit system with zeorocks. I was wondering if I should temporarily stop running the zeorocks for fear it will absorb the "medication". Not sure, any suggestions or recommendations. My understanding is that zeorocks are an absorbing material, am I wrong?

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    The material is a ion exchanger so I would not expect it does have a negative impact to your treatment so I would keep it running. I am not familiar with the treatment you use but double check it doe really not have a impact to the biology. While the treatment continue dosing as usual.

    You can additional soak the fish food with vitamins and amino acids, korallenzucht does also have some products:

    Both can be used while the treatment and later to prevent illness.



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      The product is an oxidizing agent--peroxyde salt. Thanks for the response--I was unaware was the Amino Acid for fish.