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Mixing KZ products with Coral Snow

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  • Mixing KZ products with Coral Snow

    Been trying to get a firm answer on something for a while... Several KZ products suggest dosing with Coral Snow - But what is the correct way of doing this?
    • Mix the Coral Snow and e.g. Flatworm stop in a 50ml measure cup then add to the tank?
      • In which case any benefit to letting it stand for xx minutes?
      • If dosing say Flatworm stop and CoralBooster, mix these together in the Coral Snow or keep separate?
    • Dose the Coral Snow to the tank then other products there after?
    I did email this question to Korallen Zucht but they just pointed me to the download PDF guide - which unless I've missed it, doesn't actually cover this question.

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    In my actual experience, I have only mixed (CoralSnow+Bac) (CoralSnow+CV) and this is no problem. Usually the CoralSnow+Bac mixture is used to treat Cyano. Basically, I would recommend adding individual products instead of mixing other products. That's it.

    - I haven’t done this before, just administer separately and add

    - In the case of CoralSnow+Bac, the treatment makes bacteria and "clean" more fully together to achieve treatment and treatment.

    - I only mix these two products and add them to the tank instead of mixing CoralSnow

    - Yes, that's it


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      Basically you can mix every product with coral snow, this is the official product description from the manufacturer:

      Coral Snow is a liquid secondary biological facilitator for elements like B-Balance or Potassium-Iodide/Fluoride Concentrate. Compatibel with all elements, also for Amino Acid and Vitalizer. You can dose 1 to max. 4 ml Coral Snow per 100L/25gallons tank water daily.Coral Snow neutralizes undesirable acids and is a solution against e.g. slime algae and cyano bacteria. Therefore take Corals Snow and add 1-2 drops of CyanoClean per 100L/25 gallons tank water daily. The cloudiness in the water is harmless for all fish as well as sensitive corals.
      If you like to mix products with it do not add several products to the mixture, it is better to split the addition in such a case to different CoralSnow additions.

      Mixing is done before the dosage with the pure CoralSnow + the additive you like to add. Mix it and dose the mixture directly in the display system in front of a pump.

      Personally I have used the mixture just for ZeoBac and BioMate, all other additives where dosed directly.