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What KZ products can I add to a triton method tank?

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  • What KZ products can I add to a triton method tank?

    Hello what KZ products can I add future triton method tank?

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    Hello Colton, welcome to ZeoVit.Com. I try to understand what you mean, but I don’t understand the meaning and I’m sorry. Can you try to explain it in other ways? thanks


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      Welcome to !

      Basically you can use all korallenzucht products without the ZeoVit system or with another system if it makes sense is a another question and it does also depend to what you like to improve by dosing those products.

      Here you can find a good overview with compact information about each product:

      I am not really familiar with the Triton method but as much as I know it is a combination of testing and dosing the consumed elements with their products so dosing some korallenzucht products might not make sense. Please also keep in mind that most of the products, especially the products which improve coloration work most effective in a nutrient poor, solid system.

      What exactly do you like to improve and what are the actual nutrient levels in your system ?