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Does Zeovit additives need a special storage?

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  • Does Zeovit additives need a special storage?

    First i have to apologize my english is not good , Now I’m learning zeovit method and hope to run it in my new tank. I curious that some zeovit additives like zeobak have to store at 12c (i live in thailand that make me in hot climate zone)
    My question is

    1.some zeovit additives like zeobak zeofood zeostart zeospur SpongePower amino acid and so on which one need a special storage or special condition to store

    2.what additives in zeovit method that can mix and dilute to make it easy to dose

    3.And what i have to mix with .Like someone told me that zeobak can dilute with RO/DI water is it true and what else of zeovit additives can mix

    4.i saw some clip on Youtube that use zeovit system and they has dosing hose out from mini refrigerator, i wonder what’s in there and if i want to dose some additives that keep in different temperature (e.g. zeobak) with automate dosing pump, the additives that still in dosing hose after dosed is it still good?

    5.If i want to dose from mini refrigerator do i have to use any special dosing pump or i can use normal dosing pump on the market
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    I don't think this setup is gonna work for Zeovit additives.
    If the dosing pump are outside the fridge, most of the liquid is stored in the dosing tubes at room temperature for days or weeks.
    The doses tend to be measured in drops for the additives that need to be refrigerated.
    • Biomate
    • Zeobak
    • Coral Vitalizer
    Additives that need refrigeration also cannot be diluted.

    If you want to use a fridge, I think u'd need to put dosing pumps in the fridge and drop the fluid from a height. Rather than having any length of tubing outside the fridge.


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      Here you can find the recommendation of the manufacturer how to store the products:

      Some of the additives can be mixed before dosing but after mixing it should be immediately dosed without storing the mixture to long.

      The products which contain bacterial, like ZeoBac, BioMate or CyanoClean can not be diluted with RO water while most of the “coloration” elements which do not need to be shaken before usage can be diluted to make it easier to dose with automatic dosing systems including ZeoStart.

      Please also keep in mind that the dosing regimen needs to be adjusted from time to time depending to the look of the corals so being flexible while dosing is necessary for some of the products.