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  • ULN - light colour (over)

    Dear all,
    my tank is running for more than a year now.
    The problem that I’m facing is that the acroporas are losing colour a bit beyond that I want.
    I’m still puzzled regarding if I should increase dosage (of what) or start feeding more corals.

    I observed this effect after the tank started to be fully packed with sps due to grow.

    Tank: 330l - 220cm x 45cm x 35cm (h)
    4 x MP40
    Bubble King 160
    Zeovit reactor
    2 Radion XR30 G5 and 2 Radion XR15 G5
    Bare bottom tank

    Nitrate and phosphate complete zero via ATI ICP test.

    Zeostart 0,3 ml/day
    Iodine 2 drops/day
    Acroglow 3 drops/day
    Coral Vitalizer 7 drops/day
    Amino 3 drops every 2 days
    Xtra Special 3ml every 2 days
    Zeobak 3 drops per week
    A Balance 2,5ml per week
    Zeospur Macro 10ml per week

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    The corals are healthy and beautiful. I don’t know if you have tested the potassium level. The recommended level is 380g. You can leave it unchanged in your current dosing plan. The dosing plan actually looks good on the appearance of corals. You can consider a step-by-step approach, adding some sand and shallow sand beds, which should stabilize the biology. Avoid biological leaks.

    Biological leakage may be the cause, as shown in the dosing plan, (iodine dosage per day, and Xtra Special)


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      In addition, I feel puzzled that all the corals don’t look like they grow in this tank. Maybe it’s related to the picture?


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        A low K+ level is the first thing I would rule out also, maybe it might be good to have two test results from 2 different test kits.

        Does the system contain fish and how often and how much water changes are you doing ? Which carbon brand do you use ?



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          thanks a lot for the feedbacks

          I’m not sure if I understand correctly what you meant about biological leakage. Could you please elaborate on that?
          Regarding the grow, some corals were cut recently from this side of the tank. That’s the reason.
          But I observed as well a decrease in grow over the last months.

          There are currently two yellow tangs in the tank.
          I’m doing currently doing 20% water change every two weeks. I’m using Red Sea carbon.

          Attached, there is a good example of colour change. The tips lost a bit the purple colour over the last months.

          Besides, please see also the last ICP test


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            When your administration dose has exceeded a lot, corals can’t give feedback on the appearance of the relative results, such as your dosing plan: iodine, daily dose, and the use of Xtra "Special". This seems to be a certain link. Something went wrong, such as: biological leaks/etc., as those mentioned by G. are all possible causes, or too powerful skimmer

            I strongly recommend you to do this, it should improve gradually. Certain carbon brands have radicalized/eroded/stripped certain elements, affecting the health of corals, causing smooth coral tissues and inhibiting polyp expansion. Let's use Zeo carbon (0.1L/25 US gallons) to use a mesh bag, fly in a passive way, with 15% water, change the water 3 times in 10 days.

            At the same time, reduce the iodine dose, change it to 2 times a week, observe the yellow coral, it should not become greener.

            Xtra Special, twice a week, observe the coral appearance and fine-tune

            Acroglow/A Balance/Zeospur Macro, I can’t say anything, I have no experience in using it, I’m sorry.

            In addition, the items that must be checked: the number of zeolite materials/reactor flow rate/potassium level/basic water parameters are all in the correct position,The skimmer model you use, this is very likely in the case of low potassium standard

            Extra suggestion: While we refresh the balance of the elements with more water, add some sand in a gradual manner. After a few weeks, a shallow sand bed of 3-4cm will be formed. This is a good choice. It can make the coral look fuller.
            (Use dry sand, and soak in Ro/Di water, change the water several times, until the water PO4=0, the sand is good)

            Zeo basic reduces the dosage of nutritional products. I can’t learn more. I don’t understand your system net water volume, but what is certain is that basic reduction of nutritional products will not cause such an appearance (#5 picture)
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              Dear Jacky,
              many thanks for your explanation. All clear.

              I’ll implement your recommendations step by step and see if things goes back to normal.

              I’ll keep you posted.



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                Zeo SpongePower also recommends you to use it. It is a great basic product and has good biological side effects. When paired with other Zeo products, it seems to perform better in coral color appearance. (1 drop/25 US gallons/every other day)

                Good health and strong biology and low malnutrition (NP=0) The environment is stable, the nutrition element products are properly supplemented, the appearance of coral color is definitely bright, and this performance is greatly improved. The prerequisite is this, "Good biology Side influence"
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