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Need help with phosphates.

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  • Need help with phosphates.

    It has been 1 year and 2 months since I switched to zeovit. Although I have not yet received the ULNS, I am satisfied with the results and continue to strive for ideal parameters.
    The 300 liter system is not the largest, so it is difficult to achieve stability.
    Nitrates so far, despite all the advice on the forum, have not been able to reach 0, the level was constantly at level 2-3.
    A local Korallen-Zucht dealer advised me to increase the amount of zeolites to reduce nitrates. In the last change, instead of calculating for 300 liters, I put it on the basis of 350 liters. The corals reacted normally to the increase in the amount of zeolites. I left the flow 300 liters per hour and yesterday I first saw the level of nitrates somewhere around 1.5 (between 1 and 2)
    Phosphates have always been 0.
    It so happened that my Hannah-checker 713 went bad and I ordered a new one on e-bay from US, more accurate (Phosforus). I waited 1.5 months, but the seller did not send it and returned the money and I ordered it in Germany and already received it.
    But while this saga with Hannah lasted, I asked a friend to measure phosphates. It turned out that phosphate rose to 0.10.
    Began to fight with phosphates, stopped all additives except the basic ones, adjusted the skimmer for wet skimming. Now phosphates are somewhere around 0.06-0.08.
    The only change I made was I put on a Bubble Magus fleece filter and because of it I had to reduce the water drain from 3000 liters per hour (Pump Eheim 3000) to somewhere around 1500-2000 liters per hour.
    1. Could a decrease in water turnover be the cause of an increase in phosphate?
    2. What else can be done to reduce phosphate?

    Thank you in advance.

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    1. Sorry, I don't quite understand the meaning.
    2. BioMate.
    One pack of zeolite material (1 liter) = 400 liters = 100 US gallons, based on net water volume. If 300 liters is a net water volume, then 0.75 liters of zeolite material. Ensure that the continuous flow rate after passing through the outlet of the zeolite material reactor is 300 liters (maximum), clean the collecting cup, and adjust the humidity

    300 liters (net water volume):
    Zeo Bac 3 drops, 2-3 times a week
    Zeo Start 0.3mlx2 daily morning/night
    Zeo Sponge Power 3 drops every other day
    BioMate-6 drops every other day


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      Jackie, thanks for the answer, but I've been doing this for a year and 2 months. Nitrates are not reduced by the standard method 75% packing zeolites and 300 liters of water per hour through the reactor.
      So I decided to try to increase the amount of zeolites and it seems that this is starting to help.
      And about bio-mate, double dose every other day, thanks, I'll try.
      I didn't know that biomate helps with phosphates ...
      The skimmer is on a wet skimming, I drain it every 1 to maximum 2 days.
      As for the basic elements, this is exactly as much as I give.
      Can Daily Dosing of Snow Help?


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        This is my tank today
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          Basically, such nitrate levels will not affect coral health. From the indications in the picture, it seems that Zeo CoralSnow 3ml every other day. How many fish are there? What lighting equipment/lighting time is used? Also let us get B-Balance products


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            Hello Nick, CoralSnow Standard does not remove nutrients but BioMate can be very helpful in such a situation. Lets dose 6 drops every other day for 2 weeks like Jacky recommended first before starting additional changes. As you noticed the higher PO4 level since using the new test it might also make sense to cross check the result just to make sure the new meter is working accurate.

            If you have sand in the system, vacuum the sand while each water change for some time to remove the sediments from the deeper sand layers.



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              Thanks for the advice.
              There is no sand.
              There are detritus and I periodically try to remove them, but it does not work completely.
              There are 300 liters in the system. Water changes 50 liters per week.
              Light 12 hours of which 1 hour sunrise and 1 hour sunset.
              From the light 4X24 T5 Korallen-zucht
              Led - Kessil 90 watts
              Led - Orpek blue 90 watt
              Led - Aquabeam (improved 30 watts, which I am going to replace with another Kessil).
              With the installation of the second Kessil, I am going to increase the PAR, but will decrease the lighting time from 12 hours to 9.
              For B-Ballance, I have added this product. Currently switched to homemade boron dosing, as well as Manganese, Strontium and Potassium.
              There are 6 fish in the system. Three blue-green Chromis and 3 surgeons, Yellow Tang, Blue Powder and Veliferum.


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                Let us stick to what #2#6 mentioned, and implement each project accurately and correctly. I have never used self-prepared medicines, and I recommend using a complete Zeo product. We cannot ensure that the ingredients contain additional material elements, which may result in deep coral tissues and insufficient expansion of polyps. Another possibility is that it affects the health of corals.

                Salt + water, change the water 15-20%, do it 3 times, in the interval of 10 days, this is my other suggestion, a balanced way, try to make the coral soothed