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Zeovit - bacteria affect on alkalinity

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  • Zeovit - bacteria affect on alkalinity

    Hey guys.

    I have an unusual one for you. Tried searching this forum but could not find anything.

    all my parameters are testing in range except my 5.9dkh it was below my measurable scale a week ago.

    my dosing;

    zeobak & spongepower 3 drops (three times a week)
    zeostart .03 (twice a day)
    bio mate & coral snow (twice a week)
    750g of zeovite stone 300lph

    (tank 300l after displacement)

    so my question is. Has anyone using zeovit established a relationship between zeobak and the nitrogen cycle consuming ALK?

    if so presumably if I reduce my zeobak dose my alk should increase right??

    I am currently dosing 36ml of ALK per day. I have a few LPS and I’m not seeing any cal consumption so know it isn’t the corals consuming.

    if this is the case and Bak is consuming ALK that is pretty remarkable to me, really impressive!
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    Good morning.

    Hey, there are so many things that can effect ur akl, ca, mg supplements.

    it would be very beneficial to copy and pasted the link above with your tank information.

    add pic of sump and tank please.
    New system and or age

    in the mean time slowly increase ur akl to spec and continue ur dosing of bac


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      ZeoBac does not consume Alk so I would rule it out as the reason for the decrease. ZeoVit might have improved your systems biology which is important for corals which does improve their growth.