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Depleted Iodine levels

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  • Depleted Iodine levels

    Hello everyone,

    A recent ICP test has revealed that I have no Iodine in my system. I notice that Zeovit offers two different types of balanced Iodine supplements. Can I please have a guide on which one I should choose and why?

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    Usually Iodine is dosed to optimize the blue coloration of the corals in a nutrient poor system, it does also have a positive effect to polyp expansion in several corals. The element should not be sued while you have issues with cyanos as it will boost their growth.

    The element is not very solid in saltwater so I see it critical to dose based on a test result, instead the corals are the better parameter (blue / polyp expansion).

    Both iodine supplements from korallenzucht do work well so both can be used, it is not necessary to own both products. The IodineComplex does contain organic Iodine additional