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Increasing PH while using the Zeovit method

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  • Increasing PH while using the Zeovit method

    Hi everyone,

    I have been using Zeovit for many years and I'm very happy with the results I achieve. That being said, I am embarking on a coral farming Bussiness and would like to maximise growth of SPS coral while using Zeovit. I currently run Calcium Reactors for my supplementation which gives me a slight decline in PH values. My tanks run from 8.0 to 8.25. Recently a well known coral wholesaler/ farmer / distributor in the US has claimed he is seeing extraordinary growth from his corals by maintaining PH at a constant level of 8.5. He does this by slowly dosing an extremely alkaline and dangerous chemical, which I will not mention.

    I understand that Kalkwasser is not supported under the Zeovit method. Is there anything else I can do to maintain PH at high levels constantly that is safe to use with Zeovit?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Hello [email protected], let me talk about my thoughts, I can't say mine is right, you can refer to it. I can't tell you whether higher PH helps corals grow faster. Compared with PH, the level of nutrients (N, P) does affect the growth of corals. However, I always change the water every week, which refreshes the elements in a balanced way (this balance includes a lot of trace elements, PH, etc.), and always maintains a constant KH level, this constant and stable KH level Basically, the pH level will not differ too much. Even if the pH reaches 7.8, I can't see much difference, and the health and appearance of corals will not affect it. Another thing to say is that the importance of precise salinity is the same as mentioned above. Basically, they do not differ too much, and they have a certain inline and balance relationship with each other.

    I know that some people use the following methods to raise the PH, such as connecting a hose to the skimmer inlet and transferring it to the outdoors to let in fresh air.

    Such as: maintaining a fresh flow of indoor ambient air, this should also help somewhat.

    Such as: strong and efficient Skimmer

    The number of animals in the tank will also affect PH

    I don’t know what the chemical substance you mentioned is, but I hope it will not affect healthy biology.
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      Hello and welcome to !

      My personal experiences are the same as Jackies, I have not seen a increase of growth while having a higher PH in a nutrient poor system.

      To get a constant excellent growth rate element concentrations, coral nourishment, solid biology, using materials which do not leach harmful substances or softeners and solid water parameters are they key.



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        Thank you Jack and G. I appreciate you're responses.

        I did not take into account that the reason behind ACI seeing these results are because they do not run a nutrient poor system. One aspect of the results seen by a higher PH was the break down of carbonic acid in the system which was so high that they were forced to turn off their calcium reactors due to ALK,Cal,Mag rising at an astonishing rate.


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          Off Topic, but how do I change my username to something else which is not my email address?


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            You can not change the username, please send me a PM and tell me which username you like to use so I can change it for you.

            After the change just use the new username, your password will still be the same.



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              As you mentioned the problem with dosing NaOH or KOH is that it will rise your Alk/KH as well. I watched these youtube videos you have mentioned here and I don't think that he knew what he was doing at the beginning of his experiment hence he had his Alk/KH spike up. This is not new to the hobby but it was popularised via Youtube recently.
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