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My first new zeovit waterbox peninsula

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  • My first new zeovit waterbox peninsula

    Hey guys. Just started this weekend my zeovit peninsula tank.

    after displacement water volume is 300l. Using 750g of zeolites in a KZ reactor. Done the initial KZ ZB, SP and zeo start 3. After the dosing break do I don’t 0.3ml per day of zeo start?
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    ZeoStart helps the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, you should keep Zeo Start 0.3ml, x2 times a day.


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      Ahh 0.3ml twice a day. Thanks jacky. Not sure how I worked that out wrong.


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        Has the tank in the picture completed the 14-day cycle? If the execution has been completed, the following doses will be administered

        ZeoBac 3 drops, 2 to 3 times a week
        Zeo SpongePower 3 drops every other day
        Zeo Start 0.3ml, x2 times a day

        Through the outlet of the zeolite reactor, the flow rate is about 300 liters per hour maximum.

        The zeolite material remains for the first 4 weeks until you change it for the first time. This is the first change interval, other intervals may be extended to 6-8 weeks.

        Kz carbon 0.3 liters, use mesh bag, passive flight, change every 30 days

        Lighting equipment is 10 hours a day. Now also start all other technical equipment such as skimmer

        Try to keep the basic water parameters as balanced as NSW, Kh 6.5~7.5 Ca 400~420 Mg 1250~1300


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          Thanks jacky.

          the tank has only been running since Saturday so did the initial ZB, SP and start3 dose.

          left 3 days dosing break and started today with normal dosing amounts as per the instructions.

          KZ reactor tuned (timed) for 300l per hour. The only aspect I can’t follow is using live rock (isn’t available). I’m in no rush, and won’t consider putting corals or fish in for another month.


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            Maybe it is, but I think that what we need to be really concerned about is not the consideration of time. A good and healthy biology is what we really need to be concerned about. (It may be the case, after all, my experience is not very good). I am very happy to share the tank with us. I also look forward to the beautiful appearance of Coral in the future. This is a good start.


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              Hey, hi ya.

              How do you like the water box tank ??


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                Hi buddy. Awesome. Really like it. I’ve had Red Sea evolution aqua and this is by far better. Little things like having a small ledge above the socks to lay a layer of filter floss and the silicone joining the glass you can hardly see. Just really well made