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    Hi All, I’m looking at starting to use Zeovit for my 350 litre system which has been up and running just over a year. However I’ve read that you should use zeovit if you have live this the case ? Obviously having been setup for over a year I already have the live sand added but would it hurt my tank by using zeovit?

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    It is recommended to use dry sand instead of wet sand. ZeoVit is a bacteria-driven system, and it always takes some time to switch the system. In addition, in the combination of Zeo system and wet sand, some people died because of the conflict between bacteria and other reasons, resulting in the combination of algae and cyano. It is difficult to say, but this is a possible opportunity. If you switch to the Zeo system now, it is possible to siphon the sand as much as possible. This is a slow process. If you can, it’s also good to get Zeo CoralSnow

    Zeo products are suitable for any system. It will not harm the corals. The important thing is the flow rate of the zeolite reactor and it takes a period of time for the corals to gradually adapt to this nutrient-reducing environmental process.
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      If you are considering switching to the ZeoVit system, fill in as much detail as possible to let us know more, such as what is the way to reduce nutrition, and other objects or any other nutritional supplement products, or whether to use germicidal lamps, etc.