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  • About adding sand

    My tank has been a year now. I want to add some sand to create a different feeling. I don't know if it will have a bad effect?Four months ago, I changed the living stones in the cylinder. The contents of no3 and po4 increased, and now they have dropped. Now no3:5,po4:0.023,Looking forward to your reply

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    Use dry sand instead of wet sand. It is recommended to use aragonite. The thickness of the shallow sand bed is about 2 to 3 cm. Soak the material in pure water before use and change the water several times. Let's do the filling step by step every week to ensure that this process is slow, Zeo bac 3 times a week.

    Not sure if the flow of the zeolite reactor is good, and not sure how the Zeo base reduces the nutritional product dose, not sure if the skimmer works well, but it sounds good (the nutrient salt is reduced), if you want, get BioMate, which is also good. It can also help to support cleaning after adding sand.


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      Adding sand will help stabilize your tank's biology. Just use dry aragonite sand, not live sand, and rinse it in RO water for few days before you add it to the tank (as it may leech phosphates)
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