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    Honestly I am just looking for someone to check my math. I was changing my Zeo media last night. I never really checked the flow of my reactor, so I thought it would be a good time to do so. I am using 5-600 ml for a 50 gallon tank+ 20 gallon sump. If we need 100 gph per 1L of media, I should be aiming for 50-60 gph max?

    I performed a rudimentary flow test by timing the out put of the reactor. it took 9.5 seconds to fill a 500ml measuring cup. This is coming out to about 50 gph if my math is correct. This is with my pump turned to the absolute minimum. With this near the max recommended flow, should I run a 6 hr on/6 hr off schedule?
    The tank has been set up for almost a year now with the reactor running continuously. Coloration is pale, but overall things look healthy.

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    The recommended reactor flow is 400 liters or 100 US gallons per hour for each 1 liter ZeoVit.

    In your case I would calculate the net water volume of your system to 55 US gallons which should also be the optimal reactor flow for your system. Use 0.5 liters of the material. Because of the pale coloration of your corals I would recommend to check the K+ level first, also make sure to not use a aggressive carbon. If you already have running the reactor with continuous flow I would recommend to keep it as it is.



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      Thank you for the recommendations. I do have a K test kit on order.
      A little off topic here, but if my Potassium is low what should I use to raise the level vs what should I be using to maintain the levels (same product?)


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        The level should be ~ 380 mg, if it is not much lower you do not need to supplement it. I have personally used K-Balance or K-Balance Strong from korallenzucht with great experiences however other supplements are available also in the meantime. Make sure to just slowly increase the level otherwise your coals will respond negative.