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Third Time Is NOT The Charm: ZeoVit System Issues

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    To be honest, I also suspect that there seems to be a condition that affects the health of corals. I have no experience. I always try to find some clues from the pictures you posted. I have the idea in my mind that it may be those dry rocks, but I don't know.

    A few days ago, I was also wondering whether there is a dino problem in the tank, which caused the coral to be unhealthy, or some toxin leaching, etc., so I mentioned the ICP study.

    Before the coral health went downhill, do you remember what changes you made?

    In addition, what is the container for the exchange of new sea water, can you describe it? Is your water the best? (It is usually recommended to use resin material as the last channel of the filter, which is very good)
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      Hi everybody-

      G Alexander - the orange tube on the skimmer is the air intake. Everything is PVC or silicon.... everything in the tank was designed for this application. If anything, I think your theory of the man made rock leeching something is more likely, but I did a bunch of research after that was mentioned before and not much evidence from others to suggest that could be / would be the root cause.

      Jacky - corals have seemed to stabilize some, though it’s clear they are stressed. The TN isn’t accelerating. Nothing done before it went down hill other than starting the tank! Lol. Water is good, I use it in a another reef tank without issue. I might replace the RO filters just to be sure, but they are less than 1/4 into their lifecycle.


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        Starting the BioMate and Sponge Power today - am I correct that it should be 4 drops of BioMate every other day and 2 drops SpongePower every other day (65 gallons total water volume).

        I am still dosing ZeoStart. Anything else I should put in to lower PO4?

        what are the target ranges for NO3 and PO4 with ZeoVit?
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          It sounds good, which is good news. Your dose is correct (SpongePower, BioMate).

          There is not much we can do so far. Keep the basic water parameters as stable as possible, including potassium, and pay close attention. And pay attention to changes in nutritional levels, and keep changing water 10% every week. (Can you try to describe what the replacement water container is?)

          I would suggest that you add Zeo CoralSnow, 2.6ml, to your plan every other day. Adjust the skimmer wet to make it more mud outlet. If possible, use a toothbrush to clean the affected area and vacuum the sand.

          It takes time to reduce nutrients, and it takes time for corals to adapt to growth and repair. If everything is fine (the coral is obviously healthy again and TN stops) 2 weeks. Timely adjust the zeolite reactor to the recommended level.

          Personal taste (nutrient salt cannot be detected), the highest range of phosphate is 0.02


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            it’s a good sign that the coral hasn’t gone down hill.
            seems like the small water changes are helping.
            Dilution solution
            idea maybe to change out ur carbon more frequently also help if anything is leaching.

            skimming wet ?? Yellow liquid.
            You have a new model BK skimmer.
            How’s that going ??


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              I have been happy with this skimmer so far. Very quiet, and I like the DC adjustments to the pump to refine how much micro bubbles are in the system. I skim “medium” wetness right now - it’s not light tea colored but not a super thick sludge either.

              Jackie - what are your target nitrates with a 0.02 PO4?

              My process for water changes is pretty “normal”? I use a 5 stage RO unit to make 5 gallons of water in a bucket specifically reserved for this purpose. Add a heater and small power head to mix and warm the water while I add salt. Add correct amount of salt and let it sit for 6 hours to fully dissolve. Test salinity. Use separate 5 gallon bucket to remove water from display tank with vacuum (or sump, if I am deep cleaning that). Replace with new water.

              I will add the coral snow to the dosing regiment. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted...


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                In the case of good biology, I always test phosphate, but I don’t worry about nitrate level. It can be easily solved by using Zeo basic products. I can't tell you what ratio should be maintained because I really haven't studied it. I only know to keep my water parameters at a perfect level like NSW. At this level (NSW), malnutrition is very good, the use of Zeo basic products, coral appearance, polyp expansion/growth, good PE, Indeed, it can perform quite well (already competent for many other people), I can tell you, because this is the experience I have experienced.


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                  Thanks Jackie. I’ll test PO4 again tomorrow but after one day of sponge power and BioMate, we went from 0.12 to 0.10. Hopefully the trend continues and I can get this tank stabilized. I’ve had good success with my other Zeo tanks “out of the box” but this one has certainly tried to fight me!


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                    How’s it.

                    A few people had issues with getting the some of the DC skimmers, skimming. Dialing them in. Old model.

                    I have noticed since starting ZEOvit that my skimmer skimming better, finer micro bubbles.


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                      PO4 remains 0.1. Will do another water change today


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                        Did another H2O change and tested the phosphates in the source water and it read 0.05. I am guessing this is part of my problem. Still struggling with a tissue loss on the SPS, though it is gradual. Would love to figure out the issue while I still have SPS! Only dosing BioMate, ZeoBak, ZeoStart, Sponge Power and coral snow.


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                          Hey, how’s it going

                          yes. Ur source water could be a problem with that phosphate.
                          does ur 5 stage ro unit have a DI filter at the last stage ??
                          How ur alk-what is it at at the moment.
                          can you post pic of coral-tips

                          Hey. It’s a challenging hobby reefing.


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                            I don't know, some thoughts and guesses, maybe the water used already contains other substances?