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Cyano in 7 months old tank

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    I would suggest that you get BioMate products to prevent the reduction of nutrients (phosphate). Because the coral tissue has been damaged at this time, the flow rate of the zeolite reactor has been reduced to support coral health. You must pay close attention to the phosphate level, it should not rise.

    We need a more sophisticated instrument to measure the actual exact level of phosphate so that we can know the level more clearly. The fluctuation of the nutrient salt, the interval of rise or fall, this is quite important.

    @BioMate-2 drops/25 US gallons,Every other day

    Also, what carbon brand do you use?


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      To clarify, I brought my flow through the reactor at 200gph, I started dosing 4ml/25g pure of coral snow, biomate every other day, black out for 3 full days.

      I will keep teating daily my basic parameters but also need to get a better phosphate test kit.

      Anything else I can do ?

      Thanks for the help.


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        Supplement: I read #1 about your tank information, the skimmer model you are using and the potassium level value (unknown). Potassium supports coral health and polyp growth. Get a potassium test kit, K+~380mg. Increase potassium, please remember to slowly and gradually

        It’s hard to tell the source of dino, let’s try it. The plastic transparent plates in the picture are removed.

        Are you still adding B-Balance? (Let's also stop temporarily)
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          Skimmer is bubble king mini v12 180
          Just tested all parameters.
          Alk: 8
          Cal: 410
          MG: 1400
          Potassium: 360(will start increasing again with k balance strong)
          Nitrate: 0.5
          Phosphate: 0.025

          The plastic is a acrylic rack which are holding all my corals at the moment, not sure if I can remove them, all my liverock approximately (150lbs) is in my sump currently.


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            There does not seem to be any live rock or sand in the tank, which may affect the biological robustness. It doesn't matter, let's keep the original status for the time being and see the follow-up development. Potassium slowly to 380 mg

            What other materials are in sump? Can you give us more good pictures about sump? (Including pipeline, plastic and other materials)
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              I'm upgrading to a bigger tank this summer so I transferred everything in this so I could sell my other aquarium.

              ​​​​​​I took the sand out to make it easier later but I will add sand in the new system.

              See pictures to see my liverock in the sump, this is all connected together.

              Thanks again for the help.


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                Thank you for providing the picture, it is really difficult for me in this regard, I can't give you a 100% answer. In the picture, in the sump, there is an orange object, a blue, black, white and orange object. What are they? Whether there are other objects waiting under the live rock. If it were me, all the hoses, I would replace them with silicone materials.


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                  The orange object was supplied with my apex trident tester, and the hoses you are talking about the clear ones ? The corrugated were supplied with the bulkheads


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                    In the picture, the black/gray/transparent hoses are all replaced with silicone materials (if it were me, I would do this, after all I don’t know if they are extra leaching substances), the metal-colored tubes x2, although it does not directly touch the sea water, I also try to keep it away, not nearby. I have no experience in gray large barrels. My sump is made of glass.


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                      What should my next step be ? My tank is uncovered now. I'm running my lights a little less intense as I'm afraid to shock the corals.

                      I lost 3 sps over that black out, everything else seems to have almost fully recovered with the exemption of a few ones that have "burned" tips.

                      ​​​​​​No sign of any algae as of now (fingers crossed).

                      When should I start pohl extra, b balance, AA again?

                      I'm still doing k balance and dosed a balance once.

                      Thank you.​​​


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                        If it were me, I would try to change the water several times to refresh the elements in a balanced way, and check the phosphate level. What is the current phosphate level? Keep the basic water parameters (including potassium) as much as possible and observe the appearance of the coral. I will choose Zeo CV products to perform some tissue repairs


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                          Lets wait another week or two before starting to dose those products again, start slow.

                          I would recommend to continue dosing 6 ml CoralSnow daily for another week.



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                            Phosphate are still around 0.025. I will keep the basics for another week see how they do then.

                            I have CV, so I should try it ? Every other day maybe ?

                            I will perform some water changes as well.

                            Thank you.


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                              Regarding your system, ZeoStart should maintain a daily dose of 0.3ml x 2 times。(Minimum recommended amount)


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                                I'm dosing zeostart 0.5 twice a day at the moment.