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  • two questions

    I have two questions.

    1. Today I bought Zeospur 2. I read on the website,
    - Do not use on newly acclimated corals.
    At Korallenzucht website does not say about this. I have several corals that I purchased 2 - 3 weeks ago.
    Question. How long it takes to count the "newly acclimated corals".
    How critical is this? I was only going to give 50%.
    I have a 300 liter tank and I am going to dose 1.5 ml. as an initial dose.

    2. Which of the Korallenzucht products should be stored in the refrigerator, and which can not be stored there.

    - Zeo-start
    - Zeo-bak
    - Zeo-food
    - Sponge power
    - Amino SPS
    - Amino LPS
    - Pohl's Extra
    - Bio - Mate
    - Acro-Glow
    - Stilo-poci-glow
    - Coral-vitalizer
    - Flatworm stop
    - A-ballance
    - B-ballance
    - K-ballance
    - Kalium-Iodid-fluor
    - Iron concentrat

    Thank you in advance.

    I switched to Korallenzucht in April.
    The transition is almost over. It remains only to lower nitrates (they are still at the level of 2 - 4) phosphates have already been at zero for several months.
    Corals look better every day. There is good growth and the colors are constantly improving. There are a few more corals that have not yet returned to color. But one of them surprised me a few days ago, the brown color began to turn into bright yellow.

  • #2
    If the corals are healthy I would not see a reason not to use it. I think BKS recommendation is more a prevention to not stess recently added corals additional to the stress of the transport. Make sure to start using the product slowly, 50% is a good start.

    From your list I would recommend you to store the following products in the fridge:
    • Zeo - Bak
    • Bio - Mate
    • Coral - Vitalizer