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  • Help to adjust dosage of the products

    Hello all,

    Just your help to adjust Zeovit products dosage. Thanks!

    1. Gross water volume of your complete system (incl. sump etc.) - US gallons / UK gallons / liter: 400 Liter
    2. Net water volume (incl. sump etc.) - US gallons / UK gallons / liter : 330Liter
    3. Are you using a CaCO2 reactor or other technique : NO
    4. Are you using a PO4 reactor (how long, how long ago, etc.) : NO
    5. Are you using Ozone : NO
    6. Are you using UV : NO
    7. What skimmer are you using (type, rated water volume): ULTRA REEF AKULA 180 (1400 litr/h)
    8. What are your actual PO4 and NO3 levels : 0 PO4 and 0 NO3
    9. What are your actual Ca, Alk and Mg levels : CA= 430; KH= 6 MG=1300
    10. What filtration method do you use (refugium, DSB, Miracle Mud, etc.) = NO
    11. Type of light (Watt, color temp, how old, etc.) = T5
    12. What corals do you keep = SPS
    13. Tissue color (light or dark) = LIGHT
    14. How long has the tank been running = 3 months
    15. Why do you want to use the ZEOvit system = COLORS
    16. Any supplemental dosing (type, amount, why, etc.) = BALLING FAUNA MARIN
    17. Live rock (how much, how old, etc.) : MARCOROCKS 30kg
    18. Any present problems : TOO CORALS LIGHT AND RTN
    19. Problem description (tissue loss tips, tissue loss base, diatom bloom, algae, etc.) : TISSUE LOSS BASE, ALGAE
    20. What test kit do you use (how old, recently switched, etc.) : NYOS 3 MONTHS OLD
    21. Present dosing, amounts and intervals (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, ZEOspur2, etc.): ZEOVIT= 350 L, ZEOBAK= 3 drop 2 time per week, Zeofood 3 drops 3 times per week, ZEOSTART = 0,4 ml daily, Sponge Power 3 drops 3 times per week, CORAL SNOW + FLATWORM = daily 3 ml, CORAL BOOSTER = 3ml 3 times per week, A-BALANCE = 6 ml per week, B-BALANCE = 9 ml per week, POHL'S XTRA = 1,5 ml daily
    22. Other water parameters and water stability (salinity, temp, etc.): SALINITY 35 and temp 25°
    23. Which salt brand do you use : TROPIC MARIN REEF SALT

    Grazie :-)

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    Welcome to !

    Can you please post some additional information:

    1. Potassium level
    2. ZeoVit quantity and reactor flow (measured)
    3. Kind and how much carbon (active or passively flow)
    4. Kind of algae
    5. Just dry rock used for rockwork ?



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      Thanks for the reply, here some additional info:

      1. Potassium level => I have to measure it, I will receive the test in the next days
      2. ZeoVit quantity and reactor flow (measured) => 400 liter put into reactor 200 ltr/h
      3. Kind and how much carbon (active or passively flow) => 200 liter active flow
      4. Kind of algae => green algae (that come when you start a new tank)
      5. Just dry rock used for rockwork ? Only dry rock


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        Thank you for the additional details, I would recommend you to continue as follows:

        1. Run 0.8 liters zeovit in your Zeo Reactor. Water flow around 330 liters per hour. Clean the material daily. Replace 90% of the material every 6-8 weeks.

        2. Use 0.3 liters activated carbon in a filter sock and keep it in a passive water flow in your sump, changed every 30 days. Knead the carbon daily to keep the surface clean. Most users get perfect results with korallenzucht carbon.

        3. Dose 4 drops ZeoBac 2 x weekly dosage. Dose 0.33 ml ZeoStart 2 x daily (morning & evening). Dose those in front of the Zeo reactor pump while it is switched on. As you already have SpongePower dose 4 drops 2 – 3 x weekly additional and 4 drops ZeoFood 2 x weekly.

        4. The additional products you already have can be used later. To treat the algae you can dose 4 ml CoralSnow every other day for some time in conjunction with removing them regular manual.

        Basic water parameters looking good, try to keep them as stabile as possible close the matural seawater in the following ranges:

        KH 6.5 – 7.5
        Ca 400 – 420 mg
        Mg 1250 – 1300 mg
        K+ ~ 380 mg

        For a nutrient poor environment K+ (potassium) seems to be a important element. I would recommend you to get a test kit for this element also, posting your results.

        Do a 10% water change once per week.

        Please also keep in mind that the system is just 3 month old and you have just used dry rock for it. This will lengthen the cycle massive. Hope you have soaked the rocks well before adding them to your system.