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NZ-Nick starting Zeovit

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    I can't find a relevant guide that says that these two products should not be used on the same day. I personally use Zeo Bac and Jod komplex in the same day's dosing plan. There is no problem. Don't worry too much. Make sure that the two products are not mixed


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      Hi ya Jacky,

      This is where I read it.
      Iodide Complex Concentrate, is at the very end of product info



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        Many thanks
        just though I’d ask, I have never heard iondine


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          Don’t know what happens there,

          But thanks to everyone


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            Indeed, I also noticed that Potassium Iodide Fluoride Concentrate and Iodide Complex Concentrate. I also mentioned "Dose on a different day than ZEObak, CyanoClean, BioMate." I have been thinking, I have thought a lot, and I also thought about why these 3 products, and the functions and features of these 3 products, I also Thinking about other possibilities, I carefully thought about all the narratives about the whole text and the meanings expressed. I really can't think of its "meaning", this may need to ask G.


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              I have talked with Thomas about it and he said it is just some kind of a precautionary recommendation as iodine has a disinfectant effect to bacteria which are contained in those products while they are in the water before getting attached to a surface.

              If someone likes to follow this recommendation it would be OK to dose the bacteria based products in the morning and the iodine products in the evening for example as said before.



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                I have also thought about it this way, because these 3 products are based on different bacteria/microbes/with the functions of reducing nutrients and cleaning. Now I understand (because iodine may have a disinfecting effect on product bacteria), thank you G. and Thomas.

                To: Nz-Nick, I can tell that there is no problem in adding medicine to these products before and after. It is a preventive suggestion. If you are worried, as G. said, add it separately in the morning and evening. But basically, there is no problem


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                  Hi ya all

                  Thank you all SO much, I do appreciate all your time and effort in regards to iodine.

                  -I have been dosing Z-bac morning and J-k in the evening.



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                    I have thought a little over the past few days. Maybe the element iodine is not so stable in sea water, so it is only used as a "possible preventive."


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                      Hi ya all

                      hope every one all good.

                      We are in CD-19-delta lockdown, 3weeks so far

                      Everything’s been ticking along,
                      And it’s time for stone exchange on the weekend.
                      I’ll be soaking the z-stones as suggested previously

                      Brought some B Balance and Acroglow to try.

                      1/ does Acroglow need fridgeration ?

                      2/ dosing B-Balance ( bottle says 1ml=25g but the website say 50-100 ml per 25g intial dose)
                      Is that intial dose important??
                      or dose at the 1 ml-25g

                      Last couple of water changes I noticed my Ca and Mg dropped( testing a few days later)
                      Ca down to 320. Mg was down a little
                      manual adjusted both
                      this seem to happen on both water changes
                      I haven’t been dosing a lot of Ca or Mg over the last year (even tho sps are growing)

                      I have double my dosing on Ca and Mg on the doser and been keeping a eye on things.

                      it was the end of bucket of salt,
                      maybe a coincidence

                      But I hopping the tanks starting kick off in a good way biological

                      New - before locked down I brough a short tentacles goinipora frag, Still sorting out where it’s going to be happy. Red with yellow mouth.

                      - fish- like to add a “ornate leopard wrasse” which are at lfs. I have a African ex fairy wrasse which i think is a bit bored- bosses to smaller fish.

                      anyone experienced with either, safe together etc.

                      - Frag tank idea is on hold atm.

                      Be kind
                      Stay safe



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                        Please remember that Zeo Bac x 10 days after changing the zeolite material

                        Acroglow products do not need to be refrigerated. Store in a dark and dry place, away from sunlight.

                        The recommended dose of B-Balance is 1ml/25 US gallons.

                        Basically, the larger the initial dose, the greater the relative effect, and it is also related to the amount of nutrients. It is basically no problem to give a higher dose, but I would recommend you to use the recommended dose and observe the coral. Appearance and your own experience (for example, me: get a softer appearance, slow tissue lighting, more polyp expansion, less nutrition, more skimmer output, the importance of potassium) after everything is good, the higher the multiple The dosage can be used to adjust the appearance of the coral

                        Under normal circumstances, such a phenomenon should not occur after the water is replaced. It is difficult to say, maybe the salt mixture is not uniform, or the basic elements of the salt itself may be insufficient. I will advise you: Check from the salinity to whether the level is low


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                          Hey, cheers Jacky.

                          I think I missed the increase in consumption.

                          Tanks with the new dosing adjustment have been settled this last week.

                          only observation was on Goni not coming out that something was out of whack.
                          sps all seemed fine.



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                            looks great. As corals grow, we always check individual elements to keep them as stable as possible. This is the foundation. This is very important. Corals don’t like swinging parameters. They are always very delicate. And we refresh the elements in a balanced way by changing the water 10% every week.