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    Raw ph pic


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        Hi all.

        sunday I did a water change. Notice a yellow brown stubtance sticking to dirty water container.

        the sand was cleans as usual and does look like a filme or bateria, stickiish.

        Drop dosing down to 4 zstart and bac
        Sponge 5
        boiclean 5
        coral snow 5 1 week

        not sure what to do. Stop something or ride it out


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          You can add some functional animals, such as snails and sea urchins. You can also try Zeo CoralSnow, which should be good.


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            Hey Mister Jacky

            have been dosing coral snow plus.
            Once a week. 5ml

            Cant get snails atm. or sea urchin which very RARELY turn up for sale here.

            there are lots of little start fish’s around this stuff


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              What is the current actual nutritional level. Can you list all the actual medication plans?


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                Hi ya all.

                water change day hey

                no3 0.02 ( just see a fraction colour)
                pho4 0.0 Hanna
                kh 6.1-6.4
                mg 1350
                ca 480 readjust dosing pump
                k+ 380

                kz carbon 500ml

                start 0.5 x 2 day
                bac 5 drop 2 x week
                sponge 5 drops 2 x week
                bioclean 5 drops 2 x week
                coral snow plus 5 ml 2 x week
                coral vit 5 drops once week.

                do have a few frags that have lighten up, pale colour over the last couple weeks.

                could this be due to kh being a tad low ??

                my sand has changed. It now looks like brown rusty bacteria, sand stickish too.

                Any ideas

                have add a pic of the water change, baisuclly just sand vacuum.

                suggestions on any other products that I should be OR could be using,
                I do have to purchase some z start and bac soon.

                happy reefing all


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                  Hello Nick, if your test kits are accurate you should not notice a negative impact because of the KH, growth can reduced if it does drop furthermore. Try to keep it solid around 7 and let the Ca level drop to ~ 380 – 400 mg.

                  Can you additional post a picture of the whole sand bed to see what exactly the brown stuff is, diatoms or dinoflaggelate ?



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                    Hi ya G.Alexander

                    I am getting growth on most of the SPS

                    yeah not to sure on what’s happen with the kh and ca. Dosing containers haven’t run dry. Dosing pump might be getting old.

                    well the sands nice n clean atm.
                    add a pic in a few days.


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                      pics take at 6pm tonight.
                      taking a closer look I thing it might be the later.
                      interesting fish pick at it and little starts are in around it like consuming it
                      didn’t thing anything touched dinoflagellate!!


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                        Looks like Diatoms to me Nick, no worry. Have you done a ZeoVit exchange recently ?

                        You can additional check if your RO water does contain Si by dosing a test or you use a purest water resin as the last stage of your RO unit.



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                          Mmmm I don’t think it is.
                          Try take a close up pic

                          anyway ZEO stones 4/4 this month
                          got a SI test kit today, tested tank, storage, and the water out of the Ro filter just to eliminate items

                          I do run a 5 stage Rodi system. And carbon and pre filters are coming up to be replaced. DI resin only 1/4 has change in colour.


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                            In addition to the Zeo product, what else have you added, can you describe it in detail?


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                              The only other items now and then would be
                              Redsea trace elements postaium, iodine, and they are almost empty.
                              Added once or twice week
                              salt was changed over a couple months back.
                              Redsea blue bucket.
                              sumps = skimmer reactor return pump 2 titanium heater 4 200mic filter socks
                              and a few af frag stones


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                                I looked at all the coral pictures, as G. said, if the water is good, if it is me, I will try to do 15% water replacement 3 times in 10 days, which refreshes the elements in a balanced way, as much as possible Keeping the basic water parameters stable is a good way for the health, growth and restoration of corals. I always replenish trace elements by replacing the water.