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How to lower nitrates in my zeovit tank

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  • How to lower nitrates in my zeovit tank


    I have a 100G zeovit tank that running about 3 months, recently I got my nitrate spike up to 25, usually my nitrate are about 5 - 10. My phospate is quite stable around 0.03 - 0.06

    I dose as follows as recommended by this forum :

    Zeovit 600gram in reactor
    ZeoBac – 4 drops 2 x weekly
    ZeoStart – 0.35 ml 2 x daily
    CoralVitalizer – 7 drops 2 x weekly
    ZeoFood – 2 drops 2 x weekly
    CoralSnow – 4 ml 2 x weekly
    XTra – 2 ml 2 x weekly
    B-Balance – 3.5 ml 2 x weekly
    Iodine – 3 drops 1 – 2 x weekly
    CoralBooster – 2 ml 2 x weekly

    What should I do to lower my nitrates ?

    Thank you

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    There is no korallenzucht product which does lower NO3 directly so I would recommend you to continue as planned. Make sure that your ZeoVit reactor flow is not to low by measuring it. Additional you can adjust your skimmer to skim wet cleaning it daily for some time to export as much as possible. If you use any kind of mechanical filtration material including sponge remove it or clean it regular, vacuum the sand while each water change to remove the sediments from the deeper sand layers. Make sure not to have to much fish.