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    Hi every one.

    I am new member and I have plan to change my system to Zeovit. Here is my figure.

    - tank size: 80 L x 60 D x 55 H (250 ltrs including sump). (Established 7 months but I have just change my scape for a week.
    - refugium: cheato (grow fast).
    - light: 2 x Radion Xr 15 + 4 ATI T5HO.
    - salt: Redsea pro.
    - No3 = 25.
    - Po4 = 0.01.
    - Kh = 9.0.
    - Mg = 1400.
    - ca = 425.

    I am adding micro bacter 7, Min S faunna every 2 days, Nopox 3ml per day, coral snow Diy by Caco3, zeo food every 2 days.

    Please help me to clear some problems below.

    1. I can run zeolite, zeo food singlely without zeobak, zeo start (DIY reactor cause reactor in Viet Nam is very expensive).

    2. Should I start run zeolite reactor now or when is suitable to run it.

    3. How many zeolite i should use to run.

    thanks and best regard.

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    Hello and welcome to !

    Please post some more details about your system:

    This will also later make it easier to assist.

    If you just run the ZeoVit material I would recommend to use the other basic elements ZeoBac and ZeoStart also otherwise the material will not be able to process nutrients effective.

    If you plan to use the complete system I would recommend to run the ZeoVit material from the beginning together with the dosage of ZeoBac and ZeoStart.

    I would calculate the net water volume of your system to 200 liters so 0.5 liters ZeoVit (1/2 bag) would be the right amount.

    If you have posted the additional information about your system we can give you a dosing recommendation for the start if you like to.



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      Thank Mr Alexander,

      I am sorry about my post. I will rewrite follow your question.

      best regards.