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Optimal location for dosing?

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  • Optimal location for dosing?

    I am relatively new to the zeovit community and seem to already be having success with the system after converting from Triton to full Zeo. My curiosity is does anybody have any experience or evidence of where the best location in the system to dose the Zeovit additives is? i.e. main display tank, skimmer section, zeovit reactor section, return section of sump and why?

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    Usually all products should be dosed in the last sump camber to prevent them from get skimmed out immediatelly, alternatively directly in the display system in front of a strong pump. Some product like ZeoBac and ZeoStart can be dosed in front of the ZeoVit reactor pump if possible to get them directly to the ZeoVit material. This is just a recommendation otherwise those two products can be dosed as all others.