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    When running the full zeovit method, is it possible to perform too many water changes or change too much water at one time.

    I am currently doing 10% a week, with a 20% change once a month. Could this hurt the evolution of my system or is it ok to continue in this way?

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    Doing to much water changes is not really possible but changing to much at once can cause issues. Personally I have never changed more than 20% at once and never had any negative response from the corals if a good salt is used.

    Basically the water changes are done to add consumed elements in a balanced way so the more corals are in the system which are growing quick the more water change should be done to get out 100% from the corals.

    10% once weekly does usually works well for most systems.



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      Thank you for the explanation. This is what I do now do I will keep with it