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    I just moved and am going to be setting up my 374 gallon tank with a custom Bashsea signature series sump. I am wanting to match everything and keep it clean looking. Would their twisted skimmer and bio reactor be suitable for the zeovit system or do I need a special reactor designed for it?

    This will be mostly Zoas and other fast growing corals as it will have angels that so far have no taste for corals but, better safe then sorry.

    Any recommendations are appreciated as I will be setting up a 100% reef safe tank soon as well and for sure want to do zeovit. That one will be about 250 to 300 gallons.

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    Welcome to !

    The ZeoVit system is basically designed to keep SPS corals in a nutrient poor system giving them the adequate elements they need to dosing well but it can also be used on a mixed reef which does not contain SPS corals but there are cheaper and more effective methods to control nutrients in such a system. It will also be its job to reduce nutrients so if you do not overstock the system with big fish it should working successful on such a system also. In this case the basic system including SpongePower and BioMate is what I would recommend you to use.

    If you plan to use it on this system or in the second system you are installing the cycle should be done as described over here: