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  • Help to set up a reef tank


    I would like to set up a reef tank following the Zeovit system but, more I read and more I get confused regarding the equipments.

    The measurements of this peninsula tank could be 160x64x60H cm or 120x64x60H, I don't know which size would be better for a newbie.

    I've already started to buy some second hand stuff as Apex controller, Vectra M1 and 1 MP40 QD, all things that could be fine for both the sizes.

    When you will advice me about the right tank size, I need to decide the equipments to use and, related, the design for the sump, given that the aquarium maker I found needs the specifics for the sump.

    I tried to design the tank+cabinet+sump and I think, to have enough space for the electrics and a decent size sump, I need to have the cabinet 5cm bigger in each size than the tank, with 80cm height inside.

    First of all, I need to understand if , with Zeovit, it is possible to use the fleece filter or not because it changes the decision about the skimmer. And if it is really useful or it is just a gadget and if with the Zeovit system, which is already a low nutrient system, is worse using it.

    Thanks to everyone who will help me.

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    Hello and welcome to !

    The length of the system does not really play a role of you decide to use T5 lighting the bulb length could be a factor. For 54W bulbs 1200 mm would be the better choice while for 80W bulbs the 1600 cm is better to cover the while tank.

    If you decide to use LED the size of the fixture might be also a factor for the tank length.

    A roll filter can be used additional but is basically not necessary. It will not cause any kind of harm.

    Here you can find a step by step guide to cycle a new system with ZeoVit:

    If you use dry rock the procedure is the same, the cycle will just take much more time. If possible I would recommend to use fresh quality live rock if you can get it.



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      Thanks for your reply.

      Regarding the lights, I would use the Ati Powermodule T5.

      I would like to use fresh live rock, hoping to avoid getting any kind of pest. In case I used dry rock, how long would the system take to get up and running?

      Could you please advice me how to set up the sump? Size, how many partitions and their heights. The ATO could be a separate plastic container near the sump like 20x60x70H. I would like to use a Bubble King skimmer, Vertex calcium reactor, Skimz zeolite auto reactor and the roll filter if it is a benefit.



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        I know a couple of system which took close to a year until the corals started to do well when dry rock is used, it is different but I would calculate up to 6 month.

        To order to install the equipment would be skimmer, (roll filter), ZeoVit reactor and return pump, the calcium reactor (CaCO2) can be placed anywhere in the sump. You just need as much space to place the equipment in the sump. Please also make sure that the water which does return to the sump if the return pump is switched off or while a power failure can be collected otherwise you sump will overflow.

        The high of the sump does also depend to the kind of skimmer you use, as all have a recommended water level.



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          For a tank 120x60x60, would it be better (and easier) a calcium reactor or dosing the Ca and KH (I don't know if other elements need to be added) with a dosometric pump?


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            I am personally a fan of a CaCO2 reactor as they are IMO more easy to handle but you can supplement KH and Ca also with a liquid supplement which does not contain additional trace elements. You can start with liquid supplements and switch later to a different method also, ight be the better choice in your situation.



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              Thanks for your advice Alexander.
              In case I chose to start with a calcium reactor, could I use a dosometric to supply some KZ products? Like ZeoBak, ZeoStart or trace elements?


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                Many products can be dosed with a dosing system, ZeoBac need to dosed manually as the dosing quantity is very low and as the product should be stored in the fridge when it is opened. Same with all other products which are dosed based on drops like iodine, iron, aahc etc. Products which do not need to be shaken before dosing and which are dosed based on ml are usually working well with such systems, ZeoStart is one of them.