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    What is your opinion about the A balance? I don't find much information about experiences with this product.

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    I don not have personal experience with it as I never had cyano issues. It is a treatment for cyanos and has helped many to get rid of them but in some cases it has not worked. As we have many members they have used it I am sure someone else can post first hand experiences.



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      I tried it, it certainly knocked cyano back. I’d be weary of using the suggested one time dose. Even at half dose my acros did not like it and my pink milli is still not right after.
      i May resume use as a small weekly dose once things settle but I’m still hesitant. With many zeo items I use I can make a good guess on what’s in it but with this I have absolutely no idea.


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        Did you use the first dose of 50 no per 100 liters and was it bad for acropores?


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          I have 230l net and dosed about 60ml which is about half.

          most corals we’re fine but my pink millepora did not react well and still has withdrawn polyps