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Just Starting Zeovit Some General Questions

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    A little update:

    I started ZEOzym yesterday, I used 1/3 of a teaspoon (I eyed it out by using 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon) in a pint of tank water. I poured it directly into the tank after 8 hours of sitting. At same time I dosed all 3 bacterias (ZEObak (3), Bio-Mate (3), and CyanoClean (6)) directly into the tank. I didn't turn off my skimmer until like 30 mins into it. I will start turning it off immediately after dosing it for a few hours. (KZ has the worse instructions I have seen on their products.) This morning I dosed 6 mL of Coral Snow.

    I plan to alternating ZEOzym (along with the 3 bacterias) and Coral Snow back and forth each morning until I feel like I have beaten cyano, in which I think I am at the tipping point, but we will see. Is this a good plan?

    I did some testing today:

    Salinity: 35.3 ppt

    Alk: 9.7 dKH (I stopped kalk and switched over to TM's CarboCalium and purposely dropping it to 7-9 dKH, giving up old school thinking)

    Ca: 450 ppm

    Nitrates: 12 ppm (on the low side of 12 ppm color chart, this is good, because last test it was on the high side of 12 ppm color chart,. I am not remotely worried about nitrates, since it has always been the easiest to control for me)

    Phosphates: 0.25 ppm (the last test (3 days ago) was 0.35 ppm, hopefully its on a permanent downward trend, but I am not holding my breath. As mentioned this tank has given me the birdie every time I thought I have figured out my phosphates problems after seeing some downward trends in the past)


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      You can mix ZeoZym with some tank water and add CoralSnow, ZeoBac, BioMate and CyanoClean after a couple of hours dosing this mixture daily. Switch off your skimmer for about 2 hours while dosing. I would not see a problem dosing this for 10 days to see if the cyanos get reduced.



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        Just to make sure we are on same page, you are saying dose just plain ZEOzym, wait a few hours, and then dose everything else at same time?

        For an example:

        8:00am - Dose ZEOzym (with the skimmer off)

        10:00am - Dose Coral Snow, ZEObak, Bio-Mate and CyanoClean( with the skimmer turned back on)


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          No you can mix them all together so in your example:

          08:00 ZeoZym & tankwater
          10:00 add CoralSnow, BioMate and CyanoClean to ZeoZym and dose all together in front of a pump in the display system.