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    If you replace the material keep ~ 10% of the old material in the reactor and add 90% of fresh material. If you notice a to quick decrease of PO4, which I do not expect reduce the reactor flow temporary to 2/3. Please also dose ZeoBac daily for 10 days after each ZeoVit exchange.



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      Ok, I have the new zeolites soaking in Ro and will change them out today.
      Over the past week po4 and no3, have not changed so I think the zeolites are due for a change.

      i am still running the reactor at 100litres per hour. This is the lowest my pump will go. I am adding 430ml zeolites which is just under 75% of the recommended amount. This is slightly more than I ran last time. Zeostart is also 75% of the recommended. In two weeks, if all is ok I will raise this to 100%


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        I'm suffering a similar brown algae on sand bed and will be intrested if the reduced water flow through the reator works in clearing this up, as when I first started the Zeovit system i was running a low flow through the reactor by accident and didn't really get brown algae on the sand, i increased to the correct flow rate ~200l/h with original dosing and noticed then the brown alage started to appear, since then I have reduced my Amino acids and Zeostart+ to see if this clears up alage and will give 2weeks of CoralSnow a go probably before reducing my flow rate.


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          100lph is the lower end of the recommended flow rate. I keep it there as I’m still being cautious as I have a lot of acropora frags I don’t want to harm.

          I’ll see where things are in a week, for now it’s just zeostart, bak, biomate and sponge power.