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  • Phosphate management

    So I’m sure this has been answered somewhere else on here but my tank has been running since 7/5/20 I followed the initial dosing guides for 50 net gallons of water, proceeded to dose accordingly from day 4-14. I added two clowns on day 10. Everything seems relatively stable although I am getting some brown film that builds up pretty quickly on the glass. Also I checked my po4 two days ago and it was 0.04 and then today it had climbed to 0.049. I am dosing 2 drops of Zeobak 2x a week, 2 drops of sponge power daily, and 0.02ml of ZEOstart 3 twice daily. Also, I am running .5L of zeolites in my reactor at a flow rate of 50 gallons per hour. Just curious if this is normal and I should stay the course? or if I should pull back on the sponge power? Or increase the ZEOstart? Or bump up the flow rate through my reactor? Or any combination of those things? Any advice would be appreciated. This is my first attempt with zeovit so really still trying to figure out what calls for tweaks and how to implement them correctly

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    Hello Rob, the ZeoStart quantity you dose for a net water volume of 50 US gallons is to low, lets increase it to 0.2 ml 2 x daily. All other dosing is fine.

    For later reference it might be good to post some information about your system: