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  • Zeostart

    If Nitrates creep up over time, do you need to increase the amount of Zeostart to add daily or do you stick at the recommended level for the entire lifetime of the tank?

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    If PO4 is already low stabile you can try to reduce the ZeoStart dosage to 50% for some time but keep a close eye to the PO4 level, it should not increase. If the PO4 level is elevated I would recommend to continue dosing ZeoStart as recommended. What is the actual NO3 and PO4 level in your system ?



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      P04 is 0.04 N03 is 25ppm


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        As PO4 is elevated it might be better to reduce ZeoStart to 2/3 instead of 50% but keep a close eye to PO4. If you own BioMate already you can dose 2 drops / 25 US gallons every other day for 2 weeks as this might be helpful to decrease PO4.



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          All corals are looking very healthy and colourful, lots of PE. I already dose BioMate at these levels. Can you explain the main aims of ZeoStart and BioMate and their functions please.


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            A little thought

            This is the carbon source

            ZeoStart helps the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, which basically "eat up" phosphates and nitrates. Zeostart is used in combination with zeobak (bacterial food) to nourish Zeo Bac.

            Zeo Start carbon source, which is also the core of the basic 4 of the Zeo system, as a biologically well-balanced support and stability (with Zeo Bac), however Zeo Bac is used in combination with ZeoVit materials

            Even if low malnutrition is good, it is recommended that 0.05ml/25 US gallons, x2 dose per day, provide bacterial energy maintenance

            BioMate, different bacteria, reduce nutrition and reduce sediment. It is not a carbon source, and additional bacteria also provide improved biology, and provide better cleaning for dirt on the surface of the sand layer

            Both products can reduce nutrition, but each product has different characteristics/attributes and different effects

            If the low nutritional level is good/stable, ZeoStart should also maintain the recommended dose, additional BioMate dose treatment, this is very good

            Of course, if there is a nutritional level, we usually start with Zeo Basic 4 products and reduce nutrition from Zeo Basic 4 to ensure correctness. Because this is the core.


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              Yes, this is my understanding of their uses and functions.