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Refrigerating ZEO Products

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  • Refrigerating ZEO Products

    Do we know if there's a definitive list of ZEO Products that are required to be kept in the fridge, reason I ask is that I have read on some posts about members refrigerating certain products, however, there is no mention of this on the product label ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    From the production process of the product to the delivery to the customer, the product basically does not need to be refrigerated throughout the process, which is not 100% necessary, so there is no special note on the bottle. Basically, when the bottle is opened, it is preserved, and if it is not refrigerated, it will work well. But it is recommended to refrigerate, because it guarantees the best quality, not sure about the ingredients of the product, maybe based on bacteria or anything, it is always good to keep refrigerating, the best characteristics of the product


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      Thanks Jacky, so that I am clear, what you're saying is that it is NOT necessary to refrigerate the products, however, if you wish to refrigerate, this will not be detrimental in anyway to any of the products.

      To be honest, the only products that I currently refrigerate are Coral Vitalizer, ZEO Bak and ZEO Start, all others are kept within the parameters indicated on the bottles, basically in a cupboard in the kitchen.

      Would love to hear from other members and how you store your products ?


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        After opening the blue bottle, Zeo Bac, CV, BioMate are recommended for refrigeration. ZeoStart has no suggestions

        You mentioned the problem, why these products are recommended to be refrigerated, and there is no note on the bottle

        As #2 said, (just my opinion, I am not a ZeoVit staff).

        From the process product to the delivery staff, this process basically does not need to be refrigerated, so there is no special note on the bottle.

        After opening the blue bottle, ZeoBac, CV, BioMate, it is recommended to refrigerate. The reason why I do not understand, I think it may be bacteria or other, the purpose of refrigeration is to maintain the better characteristics of the product

        Other Zeo products do not need special refrigeration, as long as they are well stored, stored and in a dark place, avoid direct sunlight, so that the products can basically be kept well


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          Here you can find the recommendation of the manufacturer:



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            I put in the fridge Zeostar once, 6 degrees. Bad idea, I saw crystals of something in the botton of the bottle. Maybe amino acids?


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              ZeoStart should not be stored in the fridge, store it at normal room temperature. If the crystals do not dissolve again it might be better to get a fresh bottle.



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                After 2 hours it was ok.