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Maturation process for new tank without live rocks

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  • Maturation process for new tank without live rocks

    Hi Alexander/others,

    I am returning to coral reefing after 15years of break. I used Zeovit whenI lived in Europe (we were the first users in Italy at the time) and remember driving to the shop in Coburg to get supply, corals and still have fantastic memories of those crazy times!

    I am now planning to start a new 120cm x 60cm x 60cm SPS only tank in Singapore where live rocks are not available. We can only buy “dead” reef rocks and/or man made ones. I would probably add approx 30-40kg of it.

    T5s are also not as available and we will probably have to use LEDs.

    Rest of the equipment would be skimmer, I may dose calcium, magnesium and KH just for a while and then add a calcium reactor later or start with the calcium reactor right away. Plus carbon. Open for feedback on what media to use to avoid risk of adding unwanted pollutants from coarse sand?

    My main initial question is related to how to properly cycle and adapt the Zeovit 14 days start up cycle and doses in the absence of “live rocks” (with dead rocks only).

    Can you please let me know?

    Thank you in advance!

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    The use of fresh, high-quality live rock is the best choice. If you can’t, the dry natural material reef is another option. It is not recommended to use artificial (processed) materials. Dry the material in Ro/di water for a few days before use and change the water several times until PO4=0

    In addition, if this is your choice, get some old sand or old ZeoVit material from the established ZeoVit system, which can speed up the process.

    The choice of new sand, I personally use Zeo's sand very well. It is recommended to use dry sand instead of wet sand. The particle size of the sand is about 2~3mm, and the depth is about 3~4cm. Similarly, soak in Ro/di water for a few days and change the water several times until PO4=0

    [#7] Initial 14 day cycle by Korallenzucht

    All Zeo product dosages are based on the net volume water

    For the lighting part, I don't have more good experience. Basically, the spectrum should be balanced (natural), not too blue, which is very good. Led lamps, I can't provide good advice


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      Hi Jacky,

      Thanks a lot for your reply.

      I was planning not to use sand at all wanted a bare bottom... Is it necessary for the method to work to have sand at the bottom?

      It will be difficult to find old zeovit material here because only a few people use it but will try...

      Do you have recommendations on best materials for the calcium reactor?

      Thank you again and be well.


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        The ZEOvit method can be successfully used with bare-bottom (BB), shallow sand bed (SSB), deep sand bed (DSB), and Berlin-style system designs.

        URL link products, refer to


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          Thanks again. I will proceed.


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            Welcome back Alex !

            As Jacky has already mention you can start the system as described in the link he has posted. It is the same for live and dry rocks just the cycle will be much longer if you just use dry rocks. If possible add as much live rock as possible additional, maybe some pieces of rock from another nutrient poor system are a additional alternative.

            Personally I would prefer dry natural rock as you can be sure the material does not leach any substances, they just need to be soaked very well to prevent leaching PO4.



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              Thank you for the feedback G. Alexander. I will find natural rock and put it in water RODI water first.

              I will try to find people with low nutrient/Zeovit although they are not as easy to find. Most are high nutrients/high KH, no calcium reactor etc. ex: balling.

              I will keep you posted and I am sure I will need more guidance starting the tank.

              Thank you and have a good day.


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                Good luck for your new projekt Alex !