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Coral Sand 1-3mm with Wrasse and Goby

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  • Coral Sand 1-3mm with Wrasse and Goby

    Does anyone have pictures and experience with this sand.

    My current sand is 0.5-1.5 mm and blows around a little. It also holds detritus pretty well which i dont think is a good thing.

    The reason for my question is that i have sand dwelling wrasse of the Leopard genus and a sand sifting Goby. Both the wrasse are quite small and i am worried this sand might be too large/heavy/course for them as well as too course for the goby.

    There is then the issue of removing the sand and replacing it which may come with its own problems.

    Any advice.

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    In my tank, I use Zeo sand (about 2~3mm), I don't have these functional fish, so I can't give you my actual experience. But I don't think this will cause problems. (They should be fine, the sand size is 2~3mm)

    Regionally, remove some of the sand (old) and put in new sand (1:1), gradually every week instead of all, at 4 to 6 week intervals


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      Excellent. I think i will give it a try.

      Is there a reason that zeovit prefers a larger sand size?


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        I didn't think about this problem in particular. Compared with smaller particles of sand, I think it will not hide dirt and dirt, and it is better for maintenance and cleaning.