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What is KZ products shelf life

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  • What is KZ products shelf life

    Hi guys
    Ill want to give a try KZ program , but can not figure which bottle size is better for me . For zeobak i found it can be used 3 mnths after opened , so for my tank for 3 months I will need 20ml , meaning for my case is practical to buy 2x10ml bottles (instead of 1x50ml) . So my question is - where i can find information of other KZ products of usage period after opened ? I looking for Flatworm stop / Sponge power / zeostart but it will be useful to have such info for all products

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    Each product has a date sticker with the minimum shelf live on it but usually to products can be used much longer even if the data has passed.

    Store ZeoBac, BioMate and CoralVitalizer in the fridge, the other products at normal room temperature at a dark, dry place.

    ZeoBac has a minimum shelf live of 24 month (the actual version 36 month) even if it is opened, this has changed some time ago, before it was recommended to use it within 3 month after opening.



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      Thats a good news , thanks a lot