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Marco Dry Rock and New Zeovit system

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  • Marco Dry Rock and New Zeovit system

    I am planning to start up a new 60 gallon system in the next few weeks and I plan on finally trying the Zeovit system for the first time so any advice is welcomed. My main question however, is had anyone run a zero system starting out with dry rock? I know the "guide" says to use live rock. I like the idea of starting off knowing that I don't have any unwanted pests. I have some Marco rock coming this week, I'm curios if anyone has in fact started a new system using dry rock if they cured the rock before adding it to the system if so how and for how long. I was considering doing a bleach rinse then getting a bin soaking it in R.O water for a week and then move it to another bin filled salt water then add some dr tims or another form of nitrifying bacteria and letting it go through the cycle before adding it to the new tank and going through the 14 day zero cycle. Any opinions or experience?

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    Hello Rob and welcome to !

    Dry rocks can also be used from the scratch, the cylce is the same as live rock it just takes much more time, up to a couple of month before the biology is solid. Using live rock does speed up this process massive. Personally I prefer live rock but if that is not a option for you my recommendation is to use a natural material instead of ceramics or any kind of man made rock as you can be sure the natural rocks do not leach unwanted substances. Soak the material as long as you do not measure PO4 in the RO water you use to soak the rocks. Once the system is setup you can use the following method for the cycle: