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Green algae on live rock

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    Ok I will try this, thank you.


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      Another update,

      Corals are getting light, should I start dosing zeofood ? Or something else ?

      I'm still only doing bak, zeostart, pohl's xtra, b balance and sponge power.

      Cyano is still there, I finished the 10 days treatment with coral snow and bak. I just ordered cyano clean and a balance to try it. I'm trying to siphon some off when I do my water changes. Should I keep doing snow/bak until I receive the new products ?

      Thank you.


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        You should improve the purified water first, it is recommended to use resin material as the last channel of the filter to ensure the best

        Corals gradually become lighter (can you show the appearance of corals as pictures?)

        What is the current dosage and frequency of all products

        Extra manual cleaning, toothbrush is your good helper, give CoralSnow+Bac after cleaning, adjust the skimmer to moisten

        Get BioMate products, it may be good

        You can continue to maintain the blend product dose x 10 days before receiving the new product

        After receiving the new product, you can also add it at the recommended dosage at any time. You can also administer the new product at the same time (CoralSnow+Bac, another 10 days), as long as the product is not mixed


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          Hi Jacky,

          I do run DI Resin on my last canister of RODI. I checked my tds is showing 1, I've ordered new resin to get 0ppm.


          Zeostart 4 drops twice a day
          Sponge power 2-3 times a week, 2 drops each time
          Zeobak, currently basically every day since I'm treating the cyano
          B Balance still doing the every other day for 10 days with 2.5ml
          Pohl's xtra 2.5ml twice a week

          I will set my skimmer to wet instead of dry

          Here are pictures of the corals.


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            Keep the current Zeo basic plan and treatment plan, and when you get a new product, you can administer it as recommended at any time, as long as they are not mixed.

            5 drops of BioMate, every other day for 2 weeks, otherwise 2 times a week (optional)

            Ensure that the continuous flow rate of the zeolite reactor is being taken, and also confirm whether the basic water parameters include potassium online

            Kh 6.5~7.5
            Ca 400~420
            Mg 1250~1300

            Dry rocks to give the system more time to strengthen biology, allow corals to grow more fully, and allow corals to use nutrients/coloring products more (absorbed) instead of allowing signs to reflect on rocks and sand

            In the picture, does the coral look like PO4 is 0?


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              I think I will order bio-mate and give it a try.

              I installed a flow meter on my controller so I can always monitor the flow through the reactor, it's at 58gph.

              Basic parameters are good, potassium a little low, around 370.

              Phosphate is reading 0 on both salifert and hanna checker(low range).


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                I tested again phosphate and nitrate, both are reading 0 with 2 differents test kits.


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                  BioMate is well worth trying, different bacteria/reducing nutrition/reducing sediment/improving biology

                  58gph, I don't know the unit, maybe it's good. Regarding your system, the flow rate of the reactor is about 240 liters per hour

                  You can also rub the Zeo carbon bag several times a day, which is also very good


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                    Lets additional stop the dosage of B-Balance for one week and than continue with 2 x weekly.



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                      Bio-mate is on order, for the carbon I'm running it through a reactor.

                      I'll give B-Balance a one week break.

                      Thank you.


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                        I received A balance but not cyano clean, on the bottle it seems like I should combine both ? Should I wait or can I start a balance right away ? 100ml first time and then 1ml every 10 days, does that sound right ? Thank you


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                          You can dose both separate. I have never used A-Balance but to be on the save side I would personally just dose 50% of the quantity for the first time otherwise if others with first hand experience can give you a different advise ?



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                            I will try that, when I look at the zeoguide it's only calling for 4ml once a week for my aquarium size, I won't try the full dose just yet.

                            Thank you for your advice.


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                              So the products actually worked pretty quick, and I do think coral snow with zeobak must have helped. Cyano is almost all gone and everything else is free of algae.

                              Should I try dosing anything for coral food ? I have 2 corals right now that seem to be doing some tissue necrosis. It's very slow and seems to be more from the middle.



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                                I can not see it clear on the pictures but have you already checked if they are infected with acropora tissue eating flatworms ?