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New upgrade, looking for recommendations

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  • New upgrade, looking for recommendations


    If you have seen my previous post, I started a 50g aquarium about 7 weeks ago and I already decided to upgrade to 150g.

    Now the questions is, how can I do the transfer as easily as possible without going through a whole cycle again.

    Is it a custom aquarium so I won't be getting the tank for another month or so.

    My idea was to keep water from every water change in the meantime (heated and circulating with some liverock) until I'm ready to do the transfer.

    I could basically have roughly 100g of "used" water ready to go, and when I do the change I also take all the water in my 50g.

    Is it a good idea ?

    Should I also be dosing zeobac, zeostart or sponge power in that water?

    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank youm

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    Hello Amy, using the old water is just a small piece of a cycling process. You need to first cycle the new system as described over here:

    While the cycle process you can add some sand and rocks also some of the old ZeoVit material to the new tank to speed up the cycle. Usually if good quality live rock is used you can start to transfer the first test coral around week 2, if the coral is doing well you can transfer the rest of the animals.



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      Ok, I will do that, thank you.