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Reducing no3 & po4 further

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  • Reducing no3 & po4 further

    I've been using the Zeovit system for around a year now and for the last 4-5 months my nitrate and phosphate have been stable at <5ppm and <0.03ppm. In the last 4 weeks i have introduced 6 more fish to my aquarium. My no3 has increased to around 20-30ppm and my po to 0.09ppm, most likely due to the extra bio-load and increased feeding to accommodate the additional fish.

    I am not seeing any algae or negative effects to my corals but i would like to bring my nutrient levels back down closer to <5ppm and <0.03ppm. Would increasing my ZeoBak and/or ZeoStart dosage help bring these levels down? Or perhaps increasing flow through the Zeo reactor?

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    Not sure about the actual fish load but basically if it is to high it might be difficult. You can try to feed the fish more targeted that no food is drifting through the rockwork. Additional you can try to vacuum the sand while each water change to remove the sediments form the deeper sand layers. Also adjust your skimmer to skim more wet and clean it daily to export as much as possible. You can also try do dose 2 drops BioMate / 25 US gallons every other day for some time.