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Live sand use.. HELP!

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  • Live sand use.. HELP!

    So for my new build I ordered 100lbs of Caribsea Arag-live Special Grade Reef Sand. I've been out of the hobby for five years and haven't used zeovit for 5 years. While ordering things for my new build I ordered the live sand and it's been shipped. Just now, however, I went over the directions for the 14 day cycle and noticed in there that it mentioned live sand shouldn't be used with the zeovit system. @#$%!!!!! Is there any way I can still use this sand anyways? Can I just dry it out before using it? Or maybe soak it a few days in RO/DI freshwater to kill off anything alive? Would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help. Thanks!!!

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    Hello bimmer88, I have not encountered this problem. If it is me, I will try to do so, soak the sand in Ro / di water, flip the sand as completely as possible every day, and change the water. This takes about 2 weeks, every day. Until PO4 is not detected, the sand is good.


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      Many have issues with the combination of Live Sand (packed in plastic bags) and ZeoVit. Constant cyanos or other kind of film is the result but I have to say there are also some systems which do use the combination successful. Soaking it in RO water like Jacky has said is a possibility but you need to do it as long as the sand does not leach PO4 anymore. A depth for the sand bed of ~ 4 – 5 cm works very well, usually I recommend a grain size of 3 – 4 mm as it is easier to clean and it is not blown away by the current to quick.