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Few question for a new tank build

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  • Few question for a new tank build

    Hey guys. I'm starting a new tank and decide to run zeovit system. The total water volume of the tank is 220g. It will be a bare bottom tank and sps dominated. I won't use any live rock in this system. I build the rock structure using a product called smooth-on epoxy ( It claims aquarium and reef safe). I read through the zeovit system instruction and seems like I need the basic four to start the cycle. I have four new maxspect Bio block can I put this inside the sump? When cycle the tank can I leave the light off? Or it should be on? ( Because of Covid I can't get the light I want right now. If it's need to leave the light on then I'll wait until the light arrived to start my tank. I'm not in a hurry. I just want to make it right) As for active carbon, can I use r o x 0.8 instead of the zeovoit one? thanks

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    I don't have any experience with artificial materials. I don't recommend the use of artificial materials. I will recommend you to use some high quality fresh live rock, which is really good. I do n’t have experience using maxspect Bio block, which is usually not needed. ZeoVit system 4 core, so it will be good


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      The seventh in the link, this will ensure that you are walking in the right direction. Zeo Carbon = Every 100 liters / 25 US gallons = about 0.1 liters of carbon。(Net water volume)


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        Welcome to !

        You can find a step by step guide to cycle a fresh system over here:

        Please keep in mind that it can just be used if there are not animals in the system already.

        A shallow sand bed does stabilize the biology of the system, if that is not a option for you you can start the system without sand also.

        I would not recommend to add the BioBlock in the system, it is not necessary, instead you can use some additional live rock if you like to.

        Personally I would recommend you to add light for the cycle, otherwise you might experience algae growth later if you install the fixture.