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Is it necessary to lay sand 750L SPS

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  • Is it necessary to lay sand 750L SPS

    1. Gross water volume of your complete system (incl. sump etc.) - US gallons / UK gallons / liter 750L

    2. Net water volume (incl. sump etc.) - US gallons / UK gallons / liter 690L

    3. Are you using a CaCO2 reactor or other technique, Using Calcium reactor

    4. Are you using a PO4 reactor (how long, how long ago, etc.)no

    5. Are you using Ozone No

    6. Are you using uv No

    7. What skimmer are you using (type, rated water volume)Royal Exclusiv Bubble King DeLuxe 300 internal with RD3

    8. What are your actual PO4 and NO3 level PO4 0.02 NO3 0.25

    9. What are your actual Ca, Alk and Mg levels. Alk 8 cal 400 mg 1450

    10. What filtration method do you use (refugium, DSB, Miracle Mud, etc.) Filter Pads

    11. Type of light (Watt, color temp, how old, etc.) LED Ecotech Radion G4 Pro

    12. What corals do you keep. sps

    13. Tissue color (light or dark) light

    14. How long has the tank been running 8 months

    15. Why do you want to use the ZEOvit system to get better coloration and grow

    16. Any supplemental dosing (type, amount, why, etc.)

    Zeostart 1.5ml at night
    zeobak 7 drops 2 times a week with
    Zeofood 14 drops 3 times a week
    flatworm stop 7.5ml daily
    coral plus 7.5 ml 1 week
    Coral vitalizer 21drops everyday
    amino acid 7drops 3 times a week
    coral booster 7.5ML 2 times a week
    Acro-Glow 7drops 3 times a week
    sponge power 7drops 3 times a week
    zeovit 2L 400L/H
    activated carbon 2 weeks replacement

    17. Live rock (how much, how old, etc.) 110LBS new

    18. Any present problems. MIs it necessary to lay sand 750L SPS

    19. Problem description (tissue loss tips, tissue loss base, diatom bloom, algae, etc.) tissue loss base

    20. What test kit do you use (how old, recently switched, etc.)Salifert for the calcium and alk, and salifert for mag

    21. Present dosing, amounts and intervals (ZEOvit, ZEObak, ZEOfood, ZEOstart, ZEOspur2, etc.)

    22. Other water parameters and water stability (salinity, temp, etc.)Salinity 35, Temp24-25centigrade

    23. Which salt brand do you use Red Sea blue bucket

    what recommendation could you give me to stop 🛑 rtn and coral bleaching is the current media fine ? The dosage is good ?

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    I do n’t know if you have tested it yet. Potassium also seems to be a very important element. It ’s also interesting to get a test pack of K + ~ 380 mg. (Special note: conifer skimmer) Certain carbon also seems to inhibit coral growth , What carbon brand do you use? The reactor flow rate is much lower. Due to the current loss of coral tissue, the flow rate is temporarily maintained. Please also obtain the correct reactor continuous flow rate again to clarify that it is correct. Using a small container, collect the reactor outlet for 30 seconds at a volume of x120 so that you can understand the flow level


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      We can do this first (# 2). Sand, it depends on your personal taste. In my tank, I use Zeo's dry sand, about 2 ~ 3cm, the sand particle size is about 2 ~ 3mm, biology / coral health / coral color brings me a good Results

      Use crushed coral sand or aragonite. Do not use Live Sand in combination with the ZEOvit system. (When using wet sand, a combination of algae and cyano may occur.) Soak the material in reverse osmosis water for 3-4 days before use, and change the osmosis water every day. If the PO4 level of water is close to zero, then ideally sand. After that, gradually add sand, slowly adding sand in units of weeks instead of adding all at once


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        For your water tank, the amount of zeolite is about 1.75 liters instead of 2 liters. The continuous flow rate of the zeolite reactor is about 690 liters per hour (condition: if all corals are healthy)

        Some carbon brands inhibit coral growth. It is recommended to use Zeo carbon, which is very good (I also use Zeo carbon, coral health is very good), for your water tank, the carbon is about 0.7 liters, use a net bag, passive flight, replace every 30 days

        Carbon: 1. Some carbon inhibits coral growth 2. Overly aggressive ways also inhibit coral growth


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          The skimmer is really overrated for your system size and can be the reason for the light tissue and basal TN. As Jacky has already said, potassium is what I would check first.



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            Originally posted by G.Alexander View Post
            The skimmer is really overrated for your system size and can be the reason for the light tissue and basal TN. As Jacky has already said, potassium is what I would check first.

            k+380 by salifert test


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              If the potassium level is indeed 380 mg, it is very good, then we have clarified that it is not caused by potassium leakage. Carbon, what brand? What is the quantity and how is it used? The basic water parameter, Mg, are you adding it in another way to maintain the level?


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                I had running the same skimmer on a system with a net water volume of about 1200 liters, the skimmer for my taste was already to powerful for this system size. I had to constant dose potassium and corals tissue was very light in conjunction with some basal TN here and there. The situation has changed when I switched to a different skimmer.

                I would recommend to adjust the skimmer to skim as dry as possible for some time, additional you can do some additional water changes to refresh elements in a balanced way.

                The ZeoVit quantity is also a little bit to high, lets reduce it to 1.7 liters with a constant water flow of ~ 700 liters per hour through the reactor.

                Main water parameters are relative high, often a high salinity is the reason. Please cross check salinity with a different, accurate instrument and reduce the KH slowly to ~ 7.

                What about the carbon, which kind do you use and how much, do you run it in a reactor ?