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  • New tank setup

    Hi all, i was thinking of using the zeovit system to setup my new tank with a large sump. Possible to run an refugium deep sandbed about 4’ height.

    1st compartment : overflow box from DT
    2nd compartment : plan for equipments (skimmer etc) can put few blocks of marine pure 3 pcs 8x8x2
    3rd compartment : refugium 4” deep sandbed
    last compartment : return pump

    will it work for the zeovit system?
    It will be a full sps tank starting of with frags

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    The four basic products of ZeoVit system, Zeo Bac, Start, Sponge Power, zeolite and carbon, so that the work can be completed well.

    The ZEOvit method can be successfully used with bare-bottom (BB), shallow sand bed (SSB), deep sand bed (DSB), and Berlin-style system designs. The use of live rock (LR) is not required. UV sterilizers , ozonizers, and nutrient exporting macroalgae refugia are not compatible with the ZEOvit method.

    I think this is a good choice:
    you can add a shallow sand bed. Use crushed Coral Sand or Aragonite. Do not use Live Sand in combination with the ZEOvit system. Soak the material in reverse osmosis water for 3-4 days before use and replace osmosis water daily. If the PO4 level of the water is close to zero the sand is ideal.

    And with some fresh and high quality live rock, this is very good


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      Hey hi jacky am setting up a 5 footer frag tank low in height about 10 inches. No micro algae in sump just a 4” DSB with some critters to clean up the detritus in there with 3 block marine pure 4x4x2 what do u think?


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        I do n’t have the experience of using pure blocks, I ca n’t say anything, but usually, the ZeoVit system does not need those pure blocks, the basic product architecture of the ZeoVit system can work well.

        Personal taste is also my setting, shallow sand bed (SSB), I feel very good. I learned about some of the additional functionality of the deep sand bed (DSB). It can also be used in ZeoVit systems, but it is usually not really needed, and the ZeoVit infrastructure can really work well

        # 7 in this link, for your reference


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          Will be replacing liverocks with pure blocks thats the reason yup.


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            I would not recommend a DSB as it is also not necessary if you use the ZeoVit system on it. Cycle the system well and add a couple of live rock while doing this also a shallow sand bed. Artificial material is something I would not use as you can never be sure if it does leach anything. Dry rock soaked well in RO water might be a alternative but it will lengthen the cycling process massive.