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Decided to run Zeovit products

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  • Decided to run Zeovit products

    I already use zeobak and sponge power. I will be adding start but have cyano at the moment so I am not adding this at the moment to avoid making it worse.

    i have a basket of filter media and was considering adding the zeolite media near one of my sump baffles.

    i cannot afford a Zeovit reactor at the moment.

    My nutrients are already quite low, phosphate 0.02 and nitrate undetectable.

    Any advice to help the move over?

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    Basically running the material in a reactor is the most effective way to use the media if this is not a option for you try it with a basket in the sump. Mix / shake the material once daily to clean it.

    Additional dose the basics: ZeoBac, ZeoStart and SpongePower.

    If you are not able to get rid of the cyanos you can try to use a mixture of 2 ml CoralSnow and 1 drop ZeoBac daily for 10 days. This has helped many in the past but there is never a 100% guaranty. Alternatively you can try A-Balance or CyanoClean.