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High phosphate levels

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  • High phosphate levels

    I have a little problem with high phosphates I'm running into, and I'm hoping someone can help me out?

    I just stated my system in late march, so its been up for a while, I didnt test any parameters for the first few weeks, but now that I have I'm getting a phosphate reading of 0.48 on the hanna ppb. Nitrates (RedSea test kit) are reading "zero". There is nothing living in the tank, no fish, no coral, not a thing. I'm not even ghost feeding the tank, its completely empty in that regard. I have a 1 inch sand bed of aragonite special grade, and I used 65-70lbs of dry rock I cycled twice before going into the tank (the second time with a dose of bleach!).

    I started dosing kalkwasser to the tank a few days ago to get the phosphates down and now the reading is down to 0.15. I tested my RODI and the hanna gave me a reading of 0.00 PPM. So I'm left to assume that it is my dry rock that is leaching phosphates into the water? There has a been a little grey hair algae, I think that's what it is anyway. Some parts of the rock are now showing small circles of green algae.

    my question is, shouldn't the Zeovit have eaten up the phosphates? as I understood that is what this system was intended to accomplish? so how is it that the phosphates are so high?

    I should also mention, that when I started the system I used the KZ product guide to dose my tank:

    Day 1 dosing - ZB: 5ml per 100 Litres (25ml on day one); ZS: 10ml per 100 Litres (50ml on day one).

    Dosing thereafter - ZB: 1 drop per 100 litres once or twice a week (5 drops once a week); ZS: 2ml per 1000 litres (1ml per day).

    However, once I tested the phosphates I thought something was wrong so I watched a few YouTube videos and realized I should have been dosing according to the actual KZ guide (the pdf version) and I've since changed my dosing to follow it. It's been two weeks since I've switched to correct dosing methods, also changed out the zeolites at the same time.

    Finally, I also included the necessary carbon in one of the sump baffles (the zeovit product guide said not to include the carbon until fish went into the tank).

    I'm at a loss to understand how and why the zeovit didnt eat up the phosphates from the beginning? so maybe it was because I did not start the dosing correctly from the beginning? but, I've also noticed that in the last week the phosphate level has only gone down when I dose kalkwasser, it doesnt seem to me that even with the right dosing the zeovit is having any effect on the phosphate level?

    thank you!

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    Hello William L, welcome to ZeoVit

    Can you fill in the following questions, it will be more detailed

    Kalkwasser may not be suitable for ZeoVit system, detailed description, # 5 in the link below


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      120G (4x2x2), 39 trigger sump (3 filter socks), reef octopus elite 200 int protein slimmer, vertex 2.0 zeofood reactor, vectra M1 return pump, 2 Kessil AP700’s (60% 10am to 10 pm (ramp up 9am to 10am; ramp down 10pm to 11pm), korallin 3002 calcium reactor (not hooked up as the tank is empty of life), kw 300 kalk reactor, Neptune apex, Neptune apex ATO, three MP40,s (one on each end and one on the back (the two sides run at 45% and the back runs at 20%)).

      apx 130G water volume (65lbs Dry Rock, 65lbs aragonite sand). I used a lot of different varieties of dry rock, fiji, Tonga, Marco, all second hand. I bubble scrub 3 times a day, 3 times a night (15 min run time). I am not ghost feeding at all, and there is nothing else dosed or added to the tank.

      the alkalinity is now at 215ppm as I’ve been dosing kalk to evaporate the phosphates. The ph is roughly 8.4, but the probe is off by a few points, waiting on a new one to arrive.

      the salt I’m using is Red Sea blue bucket.


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        Doing a 5G water change shortly to bring the alkalinity down.


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          Nitrates are also 2ppm!

          im at a compete loss to understand this! 10 weeks of zeovit, not to mention the cost!, and this not the zero nutrient system it claims to be!


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            kalkwasser is not suitable for ZeoVit system, you may need to find other alternatives

            It is not yet clear what the source of nutrient leaching is and whether you have the opportunity to soak those dry rocks in Ro / di separately for 2hr to understand whether this is the source of nutrients.

            4 core products of ZeoVit system:
            Zeo Bac
            Zeo Start
            Zeo Sponge Power
            ZeoVit material and Zeo carbon


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              Hello William, can you tell us the total net water volume of your system and the exact dosing regimen you use ?

              Please also post how much ZeoVit material you have in your reactor and what the reactor flow is (measured).

              What was the PO4 level before you have started to use ZeoVit and have you used anything before to keep it under control ?



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                I’m using EXACTLY what the recommendations say as per my volume of water! I’ve never used anything before zeovit, since day one the tank was started with zeovit.

                i know something reactors/media can take up to 3 months before they start Doing what they’re supposed to, do how long does it take zeovit to deliver a zero nutrient tank?

                im almost at the 3 month point, and still my phosphates are .15!

                im giving it one more month to deliver in its promise, if not this whole waste of money is going in the trash bin!


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                  To me it looks like your dry rocks do leach PO4, not sure if you have checked this before adding it to the system. As you do not have animals in the system already it might make sense to use a PO4 absorber temporary to get the PO4 under control, otherwise all you can do is wait until the level does drop. Dose the basics (ZeoBac, ZeoStart, optional SpongePower and BioMate) and adjust your skimmer to skim wet to export as much as possible while cleaning it daily.

                  Personally I would not dose kalkwasser to the system, it will just cause problems later as the PO4 is just bound and not removed.



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                    Hello William L, relax, as G. Alexander said, this is also my initial guess. If you have an opportunity to soak the dry rocks of different combinations in ro/di water, check to see if it leaches nutrients.

                    If the nutrients are indeed derived from the dry rocks of different combinations, and the others are good (equipment, methods, materials, etc.). Replace them all with fresh and high quality live rock, then this is a good opportunity (no animal exists in the tank, which solves the problem at all)

                    Of course, I cannot guarantee you 100% that these nutrients are dry rocks. Do a test, clarify, find out the source of the problem, this is very good

                    You can also use the PO4 adsorbent temporarily as G. Alexander said (if there is no animal tank)

                    What are the basic Zeo products? What about the dosage?